To Celebrate Jedi_Warrior and ToiletWraith's Leader Status


@Jedi_Warrior @ToiletWraith this is for you. A little story that just popped into my head.

There once was were two great people. An ancient Jedi Warrior and mysterious Toilet Wraith. The two lived only to help the people of their community. They tried their best to make people happy and to bring peace. Yet their powers were limited. They couldn’t always do what needed to be done. Their title held them back. This only proved to be the push they needed. This restraint lead them to be better people, to help their community even more. They pushed and pushed, never falling, never failing. They were quick to respond, easy to talk to. Fast and efficient. They proved that their title wasn’t a limitation, but a beginning. A beginning to a better community. Their community thanked them. And they continue to thank them today.


That was beautiful, thanks for that. It means a lot. :slightly_smiling:



No problem. You and ToiletWraith are a great addition to the community. Glad you guys are where you are. You deserve it.


The gif looks like something Azmi would post. ^.^



Hey, I post that gif from time to time >_<


Azmi has a very noticeable personality is all. ^.-
I tend to see allot of that stuff from him.


claps they grow up so fast.


Indeed. They both climbed status quite quickly.

Taking Requests! (Have me make a story for you)

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