To Celebrate Buckets_Sentry_Gun and TheMountainThatRoars Mod Status


@Buckets_Sentry_Gun @TheMountainThatRoars this is for you. @MaddCow I’ll be getting yours done along side with @SledgePainter’s and I’ll be doing @Plaff and @Takran together.

An unstoppable force. Two combined into one. Wielding blades that cut down the tainted and save innocent. Known on the battle field for unparalleled strength and fortitude. Entire armies brought before their knees by two men. Two men plated in armor of gold and platinum. Two men with swords made from the hopes of the people. They lead with a platoon of ready soldiers. Armed with the same equipment. Armaments made only for the best of the best.

These two men are held to the highest of honors. These two men are treated with the up most respect. These two men stand among a crowd and do not hold themselves above the ones among them. They treat them as equals. They treat them as friends. They treat them with the same respect as they are given. They give back the love that they receive. They might be almighty warriors, but they do not hold themselves as such. To them, they are regular people. Normal citizens doing the job given to them.

These warriors of legend. These holy men. These God like beings. They do not see themselves as such. We treat them this way, yet they deny us the act of doing so. They do accept our thanks, but that is all. Nothing more is all they ask for, if they even asked for anything in the first place. We stand in awe at such practice. We wish only to be as wholesome as they. We wish to obtain such a status.

Yet we do not understand the strain. The body and mind do no hold such power and prowess with ease. For us to even attempt this would crush us. The weight of responsibility resting upon their shoulders is anything but an easy load. We wish to understand, but as the saying goes, to truly understand someone you must walk in their shoes. We will never be able to fully understand what they go through until we take their place. Wish a day never comes. A day when men like these leave. A day when men like these perish.

They fight off this day. They hold the doors closed. They protect us. They lead us. We need them here. We need them now and we need them later. We need them, for if we didn’t have them we would not be as we are today. We would not be so happy. We would not be so thankful. We would not be so honored. We would not be we.

Hope you guys enjoy!


How did… holy…

You just wrote all of this on the spot and it’s beautiful man. You got some serious writing talent there, ya know, just sayin’.


D’awww!! This is beautiful Vendalra!! Thank you so much for this!! :smile:

Saves in a document


These are great :smile:


Thanks, that means a lot. Really appreciate it.


Saves in documents to print later


It’s my writing format, if that makes sense. I never prewrite any of my work. It all comes into my head, I think it over, then put the thoughts to actions. It’s not difficult to do this. I’ve always done it this way. I remember teachers trying to get me to do a prewrite for my work and me just sitting in class, writing a 4 page paper within the hour. Didn’t care to the prewrite stuff cause it got in my way.


Seriously, that was Epic! I feel honored!

You have humbled me, sir.


No problem, and thanks!


Awesome writing dude!

And massive congrats to BSG and MTR, well done guys! :smiley:


Dang, that is some intense writing! Like, dang - I’m equal parts impressed and flattered and it’s not even directly at me. :sweat_smile:


Thanks, I put over an hour on this. Glad you like it!

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