To buy, or not to buy


Okay, so I got Evolve for the Echs-BAWKS (Xbox) on launch day. I have a LOT of progress on it - All Monsters, except Kelder, mastered. Skins? Loads of 'em. I like having the options there. But lately, I’ve been wondering if I should buy Evolve for PC, partially because I have 170 dollars (and a very significant 5 cents) sitting in my Steam Wallet not being spent on anything.

Should I get Evolve for PC? I’d probably only play Goliath, and probably buy Bob, since he’s my second favorite. I’m aware the strategies and metas between the consoles are pretty strong, so I’m interested if you guys think it’d be a smart buy or not.


I can say just one thing:

but yeah, just make sure you get friends to play with, since the playerbase on PC is even lower than on consoles


Well take it from me who recently moved from playing Evolve on Xbox to PC more often. Since Pc is genuinely a different experience in the way you can control the monsters and hunters I actually prefer it and have had a lot of fun.

One thing I have noticed is PC players or most of them know what they are doing making quick play far more enjoyable on PC as to the consoles. You will find playing with a mouse and keyboard strange at first but better in the long run.


Personally I’d advice you to wait until the Title Update in a few months. Wait and see if the population stays the same or increases. If you wanna check these kinds of numbers, here’s >>> a nifty link <<<


If you make it to PC let me know- Id look forward to scrimming against you.


Waiting a couple months? Not sure if I want to wait that long. I have had some experience with Evolve on PC during the free weekend, and it felt pretty okay. It’s not like there’s anything else I really have to spend money on at the moment. I actually don’t mind PC’s population dilemma. I know that I can find friends right here on the forums! What makes it a little weird for me is, as I mentioned in OP, I have made a ton of progress there. I could still have my 2 favorites, Goli and Bob, but I’m not sure I want to spend time re-mastering Kraken, Wraith and Gorgon.

I didn’t try Quick Play @GrizzleMarine because I am usually pretty doubtful of my personal ability (I probably have the lowest self-esteem ever regarding how well I play Evolve, haha), and I was trying to showcase the game to friends to encourage them to buy it.


I hope that’s not so you can talk about how badly you’d destroy me, haha! :smile:


Definitely, come join us. There’s no reason to wait until the next Title Update, but you already know that.


Buy it, progress means nothing. Think of this, you get the chance to play it again, with a purpose. Besides, you’re going to do it a lot faster now that you have the experience.


Well, I went ahead and bought it. Installing it now. Might play some Solo or Tutorials to ease myself into it, get my masteries for Goli and Bob back.


Add me!


Oh totally mwahahaaha

Steam name is the same as my username here :smiley:


Here is my Steam Profile! It is, indeed, Alien. I’m playing right now! Looking at what I have to work with! :slight_smile:


We are now friends. Til death do us part…or you un-friend me.


Adding for posterity and when I’ve got decent internet.


I feel as if I had just got a virus…


Alright, alright! In that case there is indeed no need to wait for a few months.

If you need more people for your Steam, feel free to >>> add me <<< :smiley: , and then we can tackle that self-esteem issue and show you how good you are ^^


I’d wait till sale.


I was in the exact same situation as you and I regret buying Evolve currently. I’ve logged 6 hours into it, only played it for an hour though.

I think you should wait until TU9 when they release (hopefully) all the T2 adaptations or a reveal for the T6 characters :slightly_smiling:


I will add you even though it will be hard to play together since i suppose you are from NA and i could lagg a lot lol