To beta or not to beta?


I was wondering is there a beta for this? I absolutly love games and gaming, all genres are amazing and gaming is an enormous part of my life, bigger than anyone could imagine.


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Here is the old topic about Beta :wink:


Ahhhh ok. Thank you. I am new to the qhole forum thing, the last forum I was active on was the path of exile to access their beta lol.


Would be cool if they did a closed beta and maybe selected from active members of the community…

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Then Welcome to the forum :smiley:


Yeeeeeeees. That does sound like a neat idea!

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I heard their having an open beta. Exclusively for xbox one only. Super sad.


Yep, that’s right.


Why? This war on consoles mostly pushed me away from them then actually choosing one. Anyway, getting off topic. Hoping steam does what they do best. PROVIDE!


I still have this vain, faint, tiny, hope that MAYBE the community here on the forums might be invited to a closed beta on their chosen platforms.



Yeah I doubt they singed a contract with Microsoft to have an exclusive beta on their system for a ton of cold hard cash, and if they broke that contract they could face going to court or anything like that…

I mean yes everyone on the forums who have posted at least twice get a beta key!


how will the beta pass work… am i going to have to preorder through gamestop or something? if so im going to be pissed cus i want to buy the game digitally since i know ill be playing it a lot and not worry about the disc.


Well it sounds like the deal is exclusive OPEN beta (anyone with an Xbone can download and play it). There’s no way 2k or any company would have NO beta on a platform. That’s just inviting a total fail of a release.


Yeah they haven’t said much about it, so no one knows the exact details on beta we will have to see.


Very true.


I really want a beta for us! That would be awesome! It would be even better if it were in the summer for like 2 weeks, that would be heaven.


Im pissing my pants excited for this game. Im almost tempted to get for XB1 and PC. No doubt its worth it, question is can i afford it LOL


I can’t seem to find the answer so I’ll ask it here.

Are we allowed to post beta footage from the latest PC beta? Can anyone point me at a legal link or such?


Before posting footage, spin in a circle exactly 7 times then loudly yell “I’M A REAL BOY NOW”
After that, you can absolutely post whatever footage you want. The Only test you could not post footage of is the very first alpha.