To be honest evolve was a fail please start making l4d3


Evolve is super boring the first day i had it it was fun but it gets boring so i stopped playing and launched l4d2 instead u have the pothential to make l4d3 its way better than evolve


So just because you got bored means evolve is a fail?! You may not like but the vast majority of us really do enjoy it. Perhaps you could enlighten us as why you got so bored with it after 1 day. I think L4D needs a break because the zombie genre is totally saturated right now.



l2p issues. people call the game casual but it’s way less casual than l4d


First of all, Left4Dead isn’t owned by them. They couldn’t make it even if they wanted to.

Secondly, I hope next time you work really hard on something, someone goes up to you and says “No… no that just sucks. Sorry, but that’s just really bad. Go do something else.” You joined here just to complain; that’s just not cool. If you have nothing better to say, or at least no constructive criticism, then don’t say anything at all.


I would say you are a minority. I’m not sure that you allowed the game to develop. At level 20+ it starts to “evolve” in a much more strategic and enjoyable experience. Because the community starts to develop and understand roles.

But then again maybe it just wasn’t your cup of tea to begin with. But personally I have not had this much fun on a game in a very very long time.


do you even own the game?
not the alpha nor beta


this is the biggest problem with reviews and criticism of evolve, people just played one game of the beta


You are very right. People also are just so quick to be critics and go in with a negative attitude.


Sadly, people play a single match or two, don’t try to learn tactics because it is too much work, then complain the game is boring/broken.


Reminds of all the supposed gaming journalist out there that were giving “reviews” of evolve on youtube and you could tell they never even played the game at all and just watched a few videos or only played a couple matches and got stomped by the monster. They were giving people negative reviews of the game because they just didn’t take the time to understand it.


Admittedly my first day of evolve, I hated it. It felt confusing, frustrating at times and I felt slightly bored because I wasn’t really used to it.

Now? I absolutely adore it even despite a few things that I feel need looking at (wraith, bugs with Krakens sneak attack) overall it doesn’t impede my enjoyment and I’m glad the game isn’t easy and hand holding.

Been too much of that these days, about time we had that difficulty ramped up.


You are very right. I to had a similar experience, I felt after like 10 games or so that it was a little boring and repetitive. But really I was just not grasping the depth of the game. I adore TRS for making the game the way they have.

I feel we have not had something like this in so long. SO many developers are so quick to cater to all the whiners. That alot of the time don’t give things a chance and just complain. They play it once and say “nope this sucks, or fix this its broken.” Then there is also the large mass of people that don’t even experience it for themselves. They just listen to these whiners options and stand behind them.


This game can be boring when you are a hunter playing with three bots. All they do is follow you. Was playing a wraith and trying to keep up my 7 game win streak against wraith players and then all the other hunters bounced. How the heck am I supposed to split up and trap him if all the hunters are following me? Just turned into a game of chase till stage 3. I lost my streak :frowning:


good bye, ill see you never since valve cant count to 3.


Oh please, no. Not another zombie game. Let the fad die.


there is still a lot of potential in the zombie genre. im glad its not as saturated as it use to be though right after dawn of the dead remake.



I believe there is a potential in the zombie genre. But I think it needs new perspective. Because we keep getting the same game with a different name.


You’re the one telling TRS their creation sucks and that they should have made something else. Who’s really being rude here? :wink: