To be a Hummingbird


@Katt this one is for you. Hope you enjoy!

To be one to bare such passion and comfort for the people they meet is not easy. To hold the weight of everyone on your shoulders and to never shudder or fall is not easy. To be kind and comforting to those you dislike or to those you do not enjoy the company of is something only a certain special someone could do. They carry and hold these gifts with great grace. Grace like the beating heart of a hummingbird. Never missing a beat and always running at full speed.

The hummingbird does not do this without struggle though. The bird must fight against the wind. The bird must fight against the wild. The bird must fight against the seasons.

Against the wind the bird beats it’s wings faster. Against the wind the bird can be swept away. Against the wind the bird uses all of her strength to push back, to fight. It’s heart grows under the struggle. It’s heart opens to it’s valves and pushes. It pushes itself to the limit. She takes the struggle into herself. She takes it with stride. Even against such forces she does not shutter. She fights on.

Against the wild she faces predators. Wild animals out to grab her. Animals waiting to pull her from the air and eat her. These predators are strong. These predators have to bounds to any form of humanity. They do not care for her, they only want to see her dead. She is not scared. She ignores these predators. She fights them with kind words. She flies above them asking why do they do the things they do? They only respond with growls. So she flies on. They chase her. All she does is ignore them. They can not pull her down. They can not tuoch her. They can do nothing to break that oh so powerful heart.

Against the seasons the struggle of finding food and shelter are pushed upon her shoulders. She still flies on. She knows that she always has a home. She has a house. A house filled with hundreds of other birds. Birds waiting there to greet her. Birds waiting to say welcome home. Birds she can call friends. She loves and cares for all of them. They love and care for her. Sometimes they might not show it, but she knows. She knows that their hearts all beat as one.


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