To anyone browsing: Tech Sgt IS NOT Hank!


I’m getting tired of players who play Tech Sgt Hank as if he’s regular Hank so listen, you that are reading, you who only pop the shield up when the Monster attacks.

Tech Sgt ain’t regular Hank. You have to use your Shield Burst and Shield Projector as soon as you drop off the ship to shield your teammates as much as you can before the fight. Same when a dome drops.

Tech Sgt’s shielding STACKS UP so use it!!!


Tech hank is kala tier and if you play ranked/hunt dodge them in character selection will save you and us a lot of salt.It is what happens when you keep nerfing characters individually.
In coop vs ai why do u care? it is for leveling torvalds,q cairas,kalas etc…


I’m not the type to leave lobbies (except for rare circumstances) because I know how freaking annoying it is for the others, and that’s besides the point of the thread anyway.

I couldn’t care less about what tier he belongs to, the point is, if you choose to play Tech Sgt, know that you gotta stack that shield up and that he’s NOT supposed to be played like Hank.


It’s just as annoying when people pick trash characters. Don’t feel bad about it!


So much truth in this thread


Damn right, so tired of tards not using him properly


He’s terrible anyway original Hank is far superior and a is the best out of ALL of the Supports.

Tech Hank’s shield will only save you from 730 damage, which is only 1,1/2 abilities. After that the hunter being focused is fucked because THank can only shield at a rate of 50 shields/s

THank was only created with countering M.Goliath as part of the tier 1 variants, he was designed to protect the rest of the team from M.Goliath’s dots while sacrificing single target shielding.m, but since M.Goliaths burst damage buffs, THank is now useless. The same concept was applied to R.Val

Original Hank can block 730 damage too, but it’s instant and can usually recharge quick enough to block another ability soon after


Yeah not to mention his CC ability that is arguably best life-saver frrom focus ingame.


Whatever. I don’t care. It’s not the point, which Hank is better. The point is, the moment you choose to play Tech Sgt, know how he’s supposed to be played.


This is why TRS should not allow you to play multiplayer with a certain hunter until you reach a certain level with him/her in solo vs bots


Tutorial video for every char when player first time using it will be awesome just like back in legacy explaining each char mechanic

Most new players didn’t even know tech hank can stack shield even when the explanation panel is added which is sad


It’s even sadder when people rush into a multiplayer match without even trying a character out in the tutorial mode.


i’m always doing that, but some hunters wasting the shield lol


It was the first thing I noticed after playing him for 2 matches. His shields do not decay. Plus that I can severely punish monsters (ANY monster) with that orbital laser. I use it during climbing mostly.

It really is frustrating though because the shields build up slowly up until the next fight and people step into all sort of stuff, plants, blitz and their shields take serious hit and I have to tail them like a mom chasing her baby to eat the last of his brocoli.

But what is being said is interesting. Hank’s shields can block more damage ? Really ???


Just run into a team with Tech Sgt, as Goliath. Guess what. None of the hunters were shielded. And I kept away from them till I hit Stage 2, guy had plenty of time to fully stack it to everyone.


No, both Hanks shield allies for 730 damage. But THank can stack his shield burst on himself to the same value as allies I think? Whereas Hank’s decays at 35/s. But there are no numbers on THanks Shield Burst, I doubt they’re the same as Hank’s which seem quite high


I do like tech sgt hank. He gets focused a bit less than OG hank who get focused all the friggin time to the point where its just too stressful to play as him :slight_smile: