To all you Fallout and Evolve fans on the forums


FUN FACT: MacCready is voiced by the same person who voices Abe.

Matthew Mercer, for those who want to know the voice actor’s name.


Same type of character in a sense too.


also, Paladin Danse is voiced, believe it or not, by Bucket!


Caira was also one of the voices for a vault security guard.


This is amazing.


Fun fact: the voice for Mario is the same man behind Paarthurnax (from Skyrim)


Wait, what? Really? Damn, I’m watching this thread, this is interesting. It’s like a Discovery Channel special, but actually interesting and not full of made up crap.



Courtenay Taylor, the voice actor for the female protagonist in Fallout 4, also voiced Val.


William Salyers who did the voice of Hank in Evolve and Mordin Solus in ME3 was at an anime convention last week down here in Miami, Florida. So was Brian Delaney, the voice of the male Sole survivor in Fallout 4.

I kinda wanted to go just to meet them.
But sadly I did not. :frowning:


WTF ARE ALL THESE!! This is amazing :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


Small list of shared voice actors:
-Mark Hamil (Luke Skywalker!) did The Joker (batman games) and Fire Lord Ozai (avatar)
-Cortana (Halo) and Zoë (left 4 dead!)
-Duke nukem (duke nukem) and BIg the Cat (sonic)
-Legion (mass effect) and Albert Wesker (Resident Evil)
-Ezio (Assassins creed) and Sonic (sonic)
-Nathan Drake (uncharted) and Space core (portal)
-Eeyore (Winnie the Pooh) and Optimus Prime (crappy Michael bay transformers)
-Mufasa (Lion king) and Darth Vader (star wars)


Peter Cullen (Voice of Prime) actually featured as OP’s voice actor since, like the 80s!


I believe she also voiced Zoey in L4D


Thank you for sharing this.


I have learned so much!


and he also voices levi


Here in italy the guy who voices lazarus is the same who voices Gordon Ramsay in italian lol


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