To all who worry about the patch


They’ve said once the patch system is up and running that they will be able to get patches in a lot quicker. they have a lot on their plate and the biggest they are working on is the progress lost situation which is at the front. So be thankful, I’ve never had any other dev try to give me back my progress in a game.


This is actually extremely true. Once the first patch it out, we can start seeing hotfixes done in the span of days.

Hence why I am patient.


“patch system”

lol w0t


Do you know if this is for consoles too? I rarely ever see consoles having hot fixes.


It’s a consumer product and like anything that malfunctions some people may call foul. I can wait while they implement changes. The more time they spend fixing multiple issues just means that it should be higher quality then just a overnight bandaid.


It will be for consoles too. The reason before was ms charged like $10k for a single patch and in their contract another game couldn’t be better on another system, so ps wouldn’t get hot patches. Everyone just got one big patch every so often because there was a ridiculous price tag.

Edit: researched a little more and it looks like ms actually charged closer to $40k for a patch/update.


Wouldn’t you think a “patch system” is something they should have thought about getting in place before the game even launched?


Fairly certain its also for consoles. Could be wrong though

@MacMan even though you’re busy, wanna clarify this?


He’s either taking a much needed few days off or someone tied him up and threw him into a closet so he couldn’t talk to us anymore.

Hope we hear from him again soon.


MacMan’s comment

We have to get the “micropatching” system in-place first. It’s in testing right now. Probably a few weeks away from deploying that system. Once in place, balance updates can happen very regularly. This is also a good time to let the game simmer a bit. Players are new. The game has only been out fo…


If you let the game simmer any longer there will only be enough people for 2-3 games a night.


That was from day 3 or so, when people were blowing this place up with OP


hmm this remind me of the BL2 “hotfix” system


I’m not familiar. If it was bad I don’t expect TRS to do us dirty as they want people to have fun playing their game.


there isn’t anything dirty about the BL2 hotfix system.

More info on it here: