To all those in the USA Blizzard


Please stay safe. Heavy snow, as pretty as it looks, is of course dangerous for a multitude of reasons. We don’t want any of our hunters and monsters vanishing for whatever reason. I don’t know if there are any big game or movie launches going on soon, but if the snow is hitting your area, please do not go. Be safe everyone.


Indeed. Stay safe, stay inside. Not often you get a legit excuse to sit inside and play Evolve all day :slight_smile:


This is why we need an ice monster!


I always find an excuse for staying inside :smile:


Plottwist: this blizzard is created BY the 6th monster


Plot twist: frosty the snowman is the 6th monster (plays dramatic music )



Well, looks like someone is a little late :stuck_out_tongue: We just had it yesterday and the day before that. We now have 3 feet of snow all around out house


Blizzard in US?


Things seem to be doing ok, just more so an inconvenience at this point.


My body is so sore from shoveling. :expressionless:


That’s what I did yesterday lol …and the area I’m in only got like 6 inches and by Sat. afternoon the roads were half decent haha. Still didn’t feel like going anywhere though.


I got stuck in it. I had an OH SO FUN TIME digging out the driveway to get my six cylinder jeep out of it today.


Where is there a blizzard? Update me :smiley_cat:


Don’t worry everyone! I know that if something happens to me that I will be sorely missed and if something happens to one of you I will remember you random forumer!

Sucks in all the love and best wishes as sustenance

Wonders if he’s going to starve


I hope you guys are ok.

In Australia we suffer from the weather being too hot.


Yep had a grand total of 500 snowflakes here and people still cleaned out Walmart of milk,bread and bottled water in fear.


We’ve had snow for 2-3 weeks in Sweden. ;____________;


Ohh, so That’s why Zoo Atlanta’s G+ has been talking about animals cold tolerance and visiting during the cold


Yeah people are dumb and paranoid.

“Oh God! A snowflake! HONEY! Get the kids in the van! We’re going shopping to prepare ourselves to wait out the snowstorm!”

Stops snowing and it all melts by the time they get done