To All The OP Shouters


Have any of you guys ever thought that maybe you just aren’t as good of a player as the one that just beat you? Or maybe there were other factors in that particular game that led to your demise? For instance maybe you or one of your team mates made a mistake that cost you the game or as the monster you were caught in a really bad spot and just simply couldn’t mitigate.

You will not be able to win every game you play no matter how elite pro you think you are compared to everyone else. Chances are you just are not as good as you think you are.

So the next time a monster stage ones you or the hunters creep on your butt and walk you until you die, take that pause after the game to think about what happened. Ask yourself why you got beat. Could you have done something better? Did a team mate mess up and cost you the game? Perhaps you should politely give him/her some advice to better your team work.

Record your matches if you have too and re-watch them.

I consider myself to be one of the better hunters on the PS4 as far as map knowledge and general game theory and actual skill go but I still make mistakes and I can own up to them when I do. I know when I could have done something better.

So the next time a monster combos you down in three seconds ask yourself if its because it was OP or was it because you were caught off guard in a spot you probably shouldn’t have been standing in and you had no jetpack because you wasted all of it getting there.

PS: I’m not saying there isn’t balance issues. All games have them but over all the game feels relatively balanced.


Nice PSA overall, but it gives very little room for replies, don’t you think? The majority of us will agree with you with nothing to add, and those that don’t are going to spew poison at you.


are… are you trying to defend sunny val griffin comps?

Mmm except for that one comp… which I see waaaaay too often.


I am not trying to defend it. That goes along with the little PS that I edited into the bottom a while ago.

No game is perfectly balanced and that is our standout imbalance and its only imbalanced when all of them are together. Val by herself is fine to deal with when she has no shield or jetpack booster to back her up and the same goes for the rest.

I think Sunny out of the three is the problem. If it was just Val and Griffin you wouldn’t have too much trouble escaping. You will eat a tranq and get a harpoon but after that you will jump out and be gone. If they are really, really good and coordinated they might stay on you a bit but it wont be forever.

@Sannom, to be honest I wasn’t sure if it could drum up any conversation. I just decided I would write something out to give some constructive criticism to those people that come here to complain. They need to step back and think about what happened instead of just jumping to conclusions which so many of them do as is readily seen on here.


Same for all UP shouters!


A majority of OP shouters don’t listen to others. Thank you though.


This has been so helpful to me.

I remember the first time I went against a strong Laz/Sunny comp and I thought they were stupid good. Then I saved it and rewatched it and realized how poorly I’d played.

I’m just glad someone else said what I’ve been thinking.


I think the problem is that hunters can have basically two trappers in a match with val without sacrificing healing and have both types of CC along with Sunny being ridiculously defensive and having huge amounts of utility.

It would help if they had actually nerfed them after seeing how strong they were. This is the second month with the chase comp being top dog. I don’t play monster any more because of this. Chase comp is the equivalent of beta wraith. Not fun and ridiculously strong.


I don’t have too much trouble with the Val/Sunny/Griffin comp. I just round a corner and pounce whoever is boosted after me. If more than one person, I keep running for a few seconds and engage when Sunny has no more boost. Drones are easy to kill if you take two seconds to do it. Just like Spider Trap. Not tough, but irksome if you don’t take care of it befoe it becomes an issue. If all else fails, flee, stage up and sneak up on them then burst Sunny down quickly. May be kind of a bitch thing, but the comp is generally unfair as well, so they can suck it up.


You should have a tranq in you every couple seconds so they should be able to see you just waiting for that pounce for atleast a couple of seconds.

They just constantly get put back up and every time you destroy it thats time that the medic has to heal whoever you were targetting and your target to make a little bit more distance/regen jetpacks or cloak up and hide.

Not impossible but sunny does a much better job than hank at protecting herself and her allies and she only sacrifices a little bit of damage and enables a lot more damage for her teammates on the chase.


In a perfect scenario that’s what should be happening for the hunters but that isn’t how it always plays out. People will miss on occasions.


Should be happening more often than this but you could land a tranq every 3 seconds when griffin lands his harpoon.

and its 3 rounds in the tranqs even if you miss 2 of them you’ve got that third tranq you can hit the monster with. Tranqs are extremely accurate even on the move so even if you are a poor shot you should land atleast every third tranq.


I main Val and while I hit most of them I on many occasions will miss that first tranq and then I don’t have time for another as he already ducked behind a rock. It does happen.

I also regularly play Goliath and with rare exceptions I can escape this comp as well. It is a really hard comp to counter but its not impossible. I don’t really know what more to tell you. Maybe its a personal problem with how you play.


It does happen but i hit 90% of the tranqs unless I’m far away and shooting at them through trees and pillars.

So you can escape with the most mobile monster? Griffin is good against goliath but as long as you use charge to get around a corner you can get away. Kraken has a much harder time cause it’s not at all bursty but atleast it can instantly break the harpoons, behemoth has a hard time cause its movements are predicatable but its fast if it can get up to speed and wraith is completely screwed she has burst but she can’t cover enough distance with that burst.


I hardly take charge. I only say Goliath because that is the monster I play. I don’t like Wraith and Kraken I find strange.

I play Goliath and Behemoth. Tried some Gorgon but haven’t played too much of it.

There are a lot of players that I just cant escape but those same players will basically beat me with any comp because they are just better than me. Eveyone else I can escape from in most cases. A lot of people, even good players will over look you if you duck below them as well. That’s how I usually escape.


Without it Griffin can really mess up your day with it you can use it to cover enough distance to get behind a corner and burn all your traversals and have a better chance of getting away. Wraith’s burst is nice but its too short.

See I have it the other way there are loads of people I can stomp when they go any other comp but when they pick that comp they stomp me or they become 10x harder.


I wish I could give you some advice, I really do.

Its definitely the hardest comp for me as well but I just don’t seem to be having that much of a problem with it.


Then I don’t know. Maybe I just get lucky playing against that comp, which is how it happened with the last meta. Probably faced people that weren’t used to the combo and kinda got uncomfortable with different characters. That or new-ish players.


This thread is OP please nerf. :laughing:


Easier said then done. You are narrating as if you are at S2 monster with full armor and health. This comp with good hunters will likely find you during S1. You will likely be domed during S1 and during S2 evolve. If you don’t get domed during S2 evolve you will be shot while you are evolving. Now you are at S2 running for your life with no armor and half health. If this hasn’t happened to you you aren’t fighting good hunters.

That person you are pouncing is either Assault (worst person you can pounce), Val or Griffin/Jack. If its Assault you definitely will not finish, and the other hunters will close the gap. If its a Trapper if you don’t finish you’ll get harpooned in the ass again as you attempt to disengage and the dome timer is coming back up soon. If you get domed again at S2 with little armor and half life you will probably die. Pouncing Val is probably the best option if you can somehow finish, if you don’t finish you got a fresh tranq and the rest of the team is now on you again.

Now tell me if your strategy will work when you have no armor and half life?