To all the Nay-Sayers


I am creating this thread for all the people who come on here and bash some aspect of Evolve. I have encountered a bunch of people who say “I saw like 2 videos of Evolve, and the Hunters won both times, so OBVIOUSLY this game is going to suck and be unbalanced.”. To all those people I have to unfortunately be rude and say, stop being an ignorant prick. I love Evolve and I think the people from Turtle Rock Studios are making a PHENOMENAL game, and when people bash Evolve for whatever reason I get pretty heated. So here are a few AMAZING points I would like to point out for Evolve.

  1. This game IS balanced, Evolve is play tested CONSTANTLY by the developers and they balance for days until they get around a 48-52% win rate all around. Here is a link with those stats posted by one of the Co-Founders, who happens to be an awesome guy that answers a LOT of questions around here: Telemetry and Game Balance Not done yet either, Look at the previous recordings on here and watch the DEVELOPER games, it’ll give you a whole new aspect on Evolve.

  2. “This game is going to be boring and repetitive.” For people like you I have specifically made an entire thread:

  3. Look at the amount of details in the game, everything is beautiful and fluid, from the Hunters, to the Monster, to the animations of every movement, to the scenery, to even the SHRUBS for crying out loud. This game is DEFINITELY describing what it means to TRULY be next-gen.

If you have anything you think I should add, comment below. If you see a nay-sayer, send them this link! Evolve on and Happy Hunting!


you are not alone my friend. i stat’d the e3 tournament and it was quite even. and my oh my the smoothness of the game is breath taking! People will always be cautious when trying new things. because if its not Cod. its not to be trusted lol…


And if it is COD, it’s not to be trusted either lol


I don’t know what it is about Evolve but it’s hilarious to read comments from people on videos or game articles and there’s all this “I think I know what I’m talking about” attitude going on when it’s pretty clear they have no idea as they tend to be wrong on even basic facts.


I have never been this excited to play a video game, EVER! I’ve been watching the videos of tournaments and Evolve looks absolutely badass. Finally someone has gotten it right. I love the fact that Turtle Rock is so dedicated to giving us a product that takes video gaming further. Kudos!


I agree, I find people who haven’t done basic research but think they know everything hilarious and @John_Michael I feel the same way. Haven’t been this pumped for a game since the first battlefront


Last game I was super excited for was Skyrim, which was nearly 3 years ago I think. I’ve literally never been this excited just to play a game though. Can’t wait until October 21st!


It’s actually funny that I found Oblivion more fun than Skyrim. I was pretty hyped for skyrim but once I got it, it felt kinda meh. Battlefront however is still one of my all time favs, though I couldn’t stand the Endor map after playing it on the demo for about 6 months lmao


I agree. maybe the hype was too high for skyrim haha. oblivion and morrowind are my favorite. morrowind had the most monsters which made it better than fighting human after human haha. @Plaff my last game i was excited about was gears 2! which was almost 6 years ago! well i got pretty hyped at ninja gaiden 3 but lets not talk about that let down :,(


Don’t think I’ve played Gears 2 actually.

I thought Skyrim was a great game, there’s just always a point where you’ve done everything and it’s kinda boring to just go around doing little missions. I feel like if it was at least 2 player then you could have done a lot more. I don’t really care about The Elder Scrolls online either, just looks too chaotic for my liking. Plus with Skyrim/Oblivion you were the hero. Doesn’t feel the same when there’s thousands of other heroes


I could not have put it better myself, @Nightmare!

This is the one game I am looking forward to the most this year, the fact that I had only even heard about it when the concept popped up and I heard it was about four Hunters going up against a player controlled Monster, I was instantly hooked and wanted to know more! Even especially since no other information was released about it at the time. I see where the game is now and I am definitely not disappointed about what’s been shown to us so I’m glad I held on, especially with high hopes! Not only that though, ever since I started here and this place was still a little empty at first but I’m really glad the game has brought in some new faces here and I’ve made a lot of friends here too and it really makes me happy that the developers of the game chime in now and again to help out or give feedback for what we post, it’s amazing! I’ve never seen a community like it before, it’s a lot different!

As for the game, nothing to me seems overpowered or unbalanced at all from what I’ve seen and read! The only TINIEST issue I have at all is the Monster death animation. :stuck_out_tongue: But aside from that, nothing that bad stands out for me at all! Turtle Rock have been doing a bang up job I reckon, putting all their effort into creating the most unique game I’ll probably ever play! So well done, I say! I raise a toast! :beer:

Now all that’s left is for the Beta to come out so we can just find anything else that MIGHT need a tiny bit of fixing and then the actual game comes out!

Evolve First Impressions

Yea the first Star Wars Battlefront was probably THE most excited I’ve ever been for a game followed pretty closely by L4D2.

@SlinkyGuy: Agreed! I had only heard the concept of 4 players tracking a player controlled monster and I was actually picturing a supernatural type game where the monster was more of a ghost or whatever.

When I found out it was sci-fi AND was a hunting motif with tracking and the monster evolving and the monster could become HUGE?! That pretty much multiplied my excitement x20. Then they talked about wildlife, more than one monster, hunter classes with variations per class, the fact that it’s on CryEngine so it’ll look amazing…Yea it was all aboard the hype train, next stop perfection! :stuck_out_tongue:


Ummm… I don’t feel like we played the same game :stuck_out_tongue:


What do you mean? Were you the villain?! :hushed:


Well you can be a crazed murderer who kills everybody you meet.


Meh I suppose. I didn’t mean you were the good guy, you’re just the main character who basically does all the cool stuff


Don’t tell me you never joined the dark brotherhood or thieves guild? Don’t tell me you never snuck into a shop, especially the jewelry stores, and robbed them blind. You may claim to have been a pure hero, but I see the shadows in your eyes. You’re no hero, you’re a monster (everyone became a vamp or werewolf at some point :stuck_out_tongue:)


I might be a vampire lord in Skyrim…oops. But yeah I didn’t mean “hero” as in good guy, just the person who has everything centered around them. There’s nothing more satisfying than throwing people off cliffs with the vampiric grip ability.

Also, on a note of satisfy things in Tamriel, doing the cloning glitch on a cabbage in Oblivion and drowing in a sea of cabbages was super fun

Elder scrolls random talk

bringing the topic back around…im rewatching footage. i have no idea how they think the monster is underpowered…goliath stage 2 downed the support with pretty much 1 fire attack. then he killed everyone on the map barely losing to the assault at the end. not only that but he basically chained moves together in about 5 seconds to kill the medic and trapper.

then the krakens damage is jus ridiculous. 2 moves (specially if they are maxed) will down a hunter who has no shield. sure u can turn invisible a few times but some people downed even when cloaked lol. his auto is monsterous and MOST of the kraken users did not use the auto enough until they saw the devs do it.

I think they just hate that it looks like the monster isnt winning most of the time. but from the looks of it i find that exciting because you know it can be over in an instant.


Agreed, I actually think the balance looks rock solid atm. The dev games were nailbiters and I really think TR might have one of the best Esport shooters on their hands.

People say it won’t be successful because of how it’s setup but what’s the most important aspect of an esport in it’s success? Viewers. DOES IT GET WATCHED?! You can have the most hardcore game in the world, doesn’t mean it will be a good esport. With monster being third person and usually center of attention, it’s easy to have a spectator view of every battle that is not disorienting, similar to how mobas are popular because you can clearly see the action as a spectator.

I also firmly believe spectators want to see epic battles. Teamfights in mobas, ambushes, etc. Evolve is that in shooter form. Ambushes, traps, tricks, all out fights. Because it’s not a typical shooter, key players don’t die instantly. The audience has the chance to get sucked in.

And finally every account of Evolve at E3 talks about how they would get sucked over to watch the game on the big screen. Just watching it. People found themselves drawn to it and participating in the cheering for a team when they probably didn’t even know who was playing.

If 2k plays it right, this game could really be the next big thing in Esports since Starcraft, LoL, and Dota.