To all the Evolve Brazilian players, out there, somewhere

I have a solution for improved match experience in general, a dedicated-to-Evolve-only Brazilian discord public channel.
Here’s the link:

If you are new to discord, it’s awesome simple to use! You can either download the extremely fast and low consuming app if you will or even download nothing at all using your web browser. There you can see everyone who’s currently online and who is playing together already. So this becomes our meeting place as currently the game lacks any kind of true lobby. To be part of it, simply click on the link and you’ll join our channel permanently, no need to redo these steps every time.

We all know Evolve isn’t that great experience when playing as a lone hunter, and as a Monster if you are one of the veterans you may have either become bored playing against newcomers or frustrated when some of the few elite hunters queue together and don’t allow you to learn much between pubstomping and fighting cohesive teams.

I know our numbers aren’t as low as people think as many regular players migrated to the US servers. But we all know how playing on low ping feels so much better, right?

I’ve been playing with a couple of hunters these days, we’ve been even planning on playing on the amateur tournament and it would be also nice to fight against some better monsters players.

For those worried with money and XP progression, we actually have been queuing at the same time our monster thanks to voice com and so we get to play good games without feeling penalized for it.

So I’d like to ask if would you kindly pass the word and reach for any player you know plays it on a regular basis or used to play and could be interested in playing higher quality matches together. The server is open to everyone and all you gotta do is give’m that access link.


Lets gather up guys, and kill dat monster xD

Sua mensagem foi ouvida irmão.

Confirmação de nacionalidade:“Esse é o menino que dá o c# o bixo piruleta”

I’m bumping this thread now that more than never we’re gonna need to build a solid out-of-steam community to keep playing on good ping and getting higher quality matches instead of solo queueing.

Please don’t refrain from joining in and saying hello

edit: and by the way, we have a good amount of people on the friendlists of some players I am friend enough to play by ourselves. So if you are a lurker and have no one to play, don’t hesitate on joining. We can already have matches,just get in there and hop in

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