To All Goliath Players:



PLEASE, and I mean please, post on these forums about suggestions for Goliath abilities and Hunters that are too hard to counteract. Almost all monsters I’ve encountered in Stage 2 are OP besides both Goliaths. The others seem to be a complete mix of spamming, where Goliath generally takes some form of planning and skill to execute a good hunter team. However, even a marginally good Hunter team is able to just completely murder even the best of Goliaths. At stage 3, throwing literally all attacks at a medic is a useless effort, because (im not sure which medic it is specifically) they can seemingly heal to max health at generally any time, and can revive teammates in 2-2.5 seconds from incredible ranges? How is this fair, please explain…

EDIT: Please view this post, much more in-depth of the exact same problems I’m having: Balance in this game never existed, but now it’s totally ruined

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Goliath Aint Shit

It’s hard to comment. Personally i think the monsters are too powerful and can recharge armor too quickly. It’s like if Hunters cannot pile into a Gol/MetGol that has armor regen all we are doing is breaking armor over and over again.

EVOLVE is a special game where “the grass looks greener on the other side”. :stuck_out_tongue:


As a hunter, the Goliath is the only Monster I havent had issues with killing, so yeah I think other monsters are too strong. With the new map design, its generally hard to (as Goliath) hide and recharge armor in a dome. maps are just too open. I’ve played several games at Stage 3 where I can’t even kill a single Hunter? Or they’re all instantly resurrected after you finish some off. One of the best strategies is to target the medic right away, but when you have a maxed monster and cant kill the weakest player on a team there has to be a problem…


I seem to be having a different experience than a lot of other people.

For instance, I have been wrecked consistently by Meteor Goliaths at stage one, had no issues with Wraith, and easily cleaned up the occasional Kraken. Only faced Gorgon once and she seemed to have a pro player at the wheel, have not yet met behemoth.


please almost every monster is easy especially with no monster players so don’t worry just take your time and learn from your mistake sincerely someone with over 300 hours


I’ve felt for some time that the game was balanced around Goliath gameplay. I feel like Gol/MetGol has the best “to and fro” momentum changes.

The other monsters are just shutouts in either direction.

Yes, I’m sure we can adjust, but the gameplay shifts just seem to happen more readily with Gol/MetGol - mostly Gol.


Youre in for a treat. Metor Goliath has been the same experience as regular goliath for me. I just feel like some even mediocre teams can destroy goliath with just the right hunters.


Really? Goliath players are… UP?

Not sure how I feel about that, but as a Goliath, I stomp every team of Hunters that I find myself witted against. Whereas Monsters can regenerate shields too quickly, at least all of them at some point I have struggled with (save for Kraken), and have died against some decent Hunters.

I am also a veteran player, so this is not a situation of… git gud.


I generally kill Hunter teams with my Goliath setup (2.0 W/L), I’ve just had a couple games where I make it to stage 3 with most health left and the Hunter abilities are just too much.


The monsters aren’t OP, you simply need a good team to take down a skilled monster.

I haven’t had troubles with any monster so far, the times I’ve lost as hunter it’s because the hunters didn’t do their job right.

Sure there are some tweaks that can be made, but in terms of balance isn’t as bad as people picture it.


Maybe there should be like an Encyclopaedia or something in the game so you can read up on both Hunters and Monsters? Other F2P Online games normally include sections like “Known Advantages” and “Known Counters” for each character.

That would go a great deal towards reducing “false OP feelings”.


Well, my first question would be; How long have you been playing?

This game takes a lot of learning, memorizing what works well together, and which Monsters are weaker to what strategies/comps.

Goliath and Meaty are both balanced pretty much perfectly, not really UP, but really easy to mess up with. Meaty is not the same play style as Goliath, so playing them the same would result in a likely loss.

In the case of other Monsters, it’s a matter of experience. Wraith kicked my ass so much when I first started playing, but I gradually got better as I watched her abilities be used and learned how she is normally played. Sometimes the only thing you can do is lose and learn why you lost, then try to improve.

@chrono, your meta powers are needed.


I’m literally a day old. :slight_smile: So not really complaining.

But Wraith felt a bit like “YOU DON’T GET TO PLAY!” as compared to Goliath/MetGol which at least had some “playing” going on.

Make no mistake, I’ve lost more hunts against Met Gol than won them, but at least you were actually playing against each other. Wraith and Kraken have a way of denying playtime so to speak.


It’s simply the way they have to be played. Both Wraith and Kraken are squishier than Goliath, so they have to avoid more damage. Wraith especially so. She does a lot of hit-and-run stuff, so it’s really almost necessary to make sure she’s trapped. Hunting her is a lot more active than any other Monster. Kraken simply flies. It can get irritating if you don’t know how to counter it, I admit. All of the Assaults except Torvald have a secondary weapon that can accurately do good damage to him, provided you control your shots. All you can do is make sure you aim for his giant face, and dodge his attacks.


I disagree. I’ve been playing him in public matches for a long time and right now I have zero defeats with him, even after several premades. So I think it’s safe for me to say that he isn’t a bad monster. He’s honestly the most balanced, the most fun for both sides.

Goliath is different to others in that he absolutely one million per cent requires good map knowledge and smart map movement. You have to know where you’re going, the best way to get there, and the escape routes; you have to count down the planet scanner CD (approximately) and you have to be using every single leap and leapsmash/charge to the optimum otherwise you’re done for.

In combat, Goliath players absolutely need to be on point with ability accuracy, combos, positioning, choosing very good places to fight and being aware of the whole team and their placements and deployables. If you fight in an area where they can juke you…You’re at a massive, massive disadvantage. Avoid a lot of incline changes. Avoid pillars they can strafe. Avoid areas with tight spaces and easy escape points.

Once you’ve chosen a good place to fight, you need to know your combos. Rock Throw is his hardest hitting power, but it’s very obviously telegraphed and a little slow and easy to dodge. Which is why you combo it.

Leap Smash into Rock Throw is absolutely golden, so is Charge Rock Throw (but the former is better, I’d say) and after that, use fire breath as a mop up tool. Save fire breath for when he’s on lower health, running from you, your abilities are on CD and he’s trying to juke you by going around things, over things, under things, into things, etc.

Take advantage of the stun from your attacks and lead abilities in order to ensure hits, and always, always keep pressure on Medic and Support.

For example if you focus Hank only, Medic’s going to have a field day healing over and over with little issue, Hank’s going to use his shield busts and Trapper will CC you. But if you focus on Hank and Medic simultaneously, yes, you’re initially doing less damage, but you’re fighting such that neither of them can sit cool and calm and use their abilities to the absolute optimum; you’re forcing them to play worse because they’re being knocked around, and you’re forcing them to make mistakes.

That’s basically all I can say, sorry if it’s not much or not helpful.


So what you are saying is that a “best” Goliath can beat a “marginally good” hunter team? Lol. That’s logical. That’s how it’s supposed to be. Hunter’s aren’t supposed to win all the time.

Also, the other monsters are not OP. Maybe wraith but not Kraken. You just need to learn their counters and adapt to them. You are new im guessing? Just keep playing and players will eventually understand the meta and learn how to play against each monster.


I recommend Sunny Rogue Val, very strong comp.


I played quite a bit Goliath and meteor Goliath, and metor Goliath seem to be stronger on every front, it does burning dmg to enemies whichever skill you hit them with, and they both have the same amount of hp pool and amor. so I don’t know why they have the superior version of Goliath and keep the old one in the corner(I only seen old goliath 1/20 games or never) Wraith or Gorgon are my ticket to free wins especially with those broken perks.


I hate to argue with you, but what you are saying is the exact opposite of the point CjThrasher was trying to make. You said an excellent Goliath is able to destroy a mediocre Hunter team. That makes sense, but that is not what happens. An excellent Goliath player is almost always defeated by the Hunters, even if they are not particularly good Hunters. The issue is that the Hunters Support and Medic classes mitigate far too much damage for the Goliath to win.


Paging @deanimate - care to weigh in? :slight_smile: :goliath_roar: :cat: