To admins/devs - Just a thank you for evolve


hello members/team of evolve.

i’d like to start off by giving a big thanks, for a great game in general I absolutely enjoy it, I do no trollololing.

I have it on steam since day on release never played the beta, but all I see on steam reviews is utter trash reviews, honestly I don’t get it, maybe they are bad players? cant have it all? or just salty in general cause…bad? not sure but what I am sure is that again, I enjoy this game I gave it a good review on steam.

Sure there are bugs and glitches and im sure you guys have a plan in the distant future to iron them out that’s good im in no hurry not needy person id rather you take time and get a good fix in later time then rushing to get it done now, and have worse problems. quality over quantity.

to make this short as I can I give thanks for making a great game sincerely best game ive played since GM starcraft ezlife. I can say ive never had more fun LOSING In a game then I have in evolve. GJ

so big thanks once again continue to push through the trolls that slander this game cause…they just mad cause bad.



Thank you Devs/admins this has quickly turned into one of my favorite games ever.


ah come on, they not gonna give you free shit…


…and for God sakes get off you knees and put your pants back on!

(the follow was sarcasm and a joke)


I legitimately have no idea how to respond to this post, and I don’t have a Evolve Themed meme picture to counteract it.



fukn troll I don’t need free shit I was just making point goof


I also thank you Turtle Rock Studios for making a great game. I hope to play it for years to come.