TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan!


Well, I’m stoked and can’t wait for this. If you’re into TMNT, and play on PC, better add me because I’ll be all over this…as long as it truly does have co-op and not fail like the recent TMNT: Out of the Shadows which didn’t support co-op (well, unless you learned all about which ports to open). But I digress…here is Mutants in Manhattan!


Absolutely. This game is going to be amazing. I’ve been on this platinum games kick for a couple of years now. I’ve been playing every modern game they make. I know they have another one coming out for ps4 called nier automata. My wife saw the trailer and said she was sold.


Hmmm, I loved OOTS. Took forever to hit PS3 and was still super buggy, but it was really fun otherwise and I loved the co-op. I’ll have to keep an eye on this.


Don’t get me wrong, I loved OOTS too, but not being able to play multi-player in a TMNT game is just a killer bummer man…right out wrong…and they never fixed it for PC as far as I know. It had such promise. I loved the combos! If only it had multiplayer it would have rocked 100%. The lack of co-op on PC is why I say it failed.


I hear ya. Didn’t know that about PC until your OP. The bugs on PS3 and I think every platform were terrible. The worst in any game I’ve played, but it was awesome in spite of that. I agree that it had such potential.


I am really looking forward to this, and I was super excited when I saw that it looked like a comic book. It just sucks that the targeted release date is Dec 31 2016. So far away.


Not a fan of the art style for this game at all.


The new trailer is out!


Do we know if there’s going to be co-op or the ability to swap between turtles like in OOTS?


I haven’t seen anything definitive yet.


Hm, I’m not even a particularly big fan of TMNT, and even I’m interested in this. P* rarely disappoints.


Just watched that new trailer. This game is coming out in May? Jeez, I feel like I just heard about it and also, May is already stuffed with games I wanna play. Crap.

Edit: Okay, just watched some gameplay. Looks like OOTS meets Bayonetta meets Sunset Overdrive. In other words, crazy combat, traversal and co-op.


So, nobody has anything to say about this game now that it’s been out for almost a week?

Well, I like it, but the combat is a pretty big step back from OOTS and that is disappointing.


I haven’t yet beaten the game since I don’t have too much play time in (shocking I know! I was all over OOTS). I feel like it’s a very casual game at this point. I feel like my attacks aren’t really connecting satisfactorily to the enemy…like I don’t feel the weight of smacking them around like I did with Shadows. I also don’t care for the alternate uh…Ctrl + option for ninjitsu moves. Swapping characters is the same way. I just don’t dig it as much as I did Out of the Shadows. If only OOTS had working multiplayer!

Overall I do enjoy the look of the game though and the sometimes extra pop-in of secondary baddies during a boss fight. The first time I fought Bebop I fought just him…but the second time I was kicking his butt so fast that Rocksteady dropped in as well. Sometimes you can apparently trigger the secondary so I’ve started playing in easy mode just to see these.

I’m still getting the hang of this game. I feel like it’s too easy but also too difficult, if that makes sense. I die all the time in even Normal mode (I play Raph usually and always meet the enemy head-on at all times, trying to steal the kills from the other turtles) but it’s no big deal since your brothers will revive you limitlessly, so I don’t feel it’s a bad choice to just go balls-in.

Overall, I preferred OOTS more. I also liked the leveling system much better too…I could make much more sense of it. With this game once I beat it once I don’t think I’ll feel the hot desire to beat it again with all of the other turtles or again in Hard mode and again in Ultra…with OOTS I definitely beat the game with all 4 turtles each in normal and hard modes. I played that game through so many times it because super easy even on hardest setting.


Right? The OOTS combat was phenomenal. Pretty deep, each character felt different, swapping between them was seamless and the combos you could pull off not just by yourself, but with your bros were awesome. Say what you will about the look and bugs in that game, but it’s really underrated, I feel.

I was worried after the trailers that the combat in this game would disappoint me and it does. Like the look, love the characters and bosses.

On the other hand, the controls are awkward. I agree that the extra button for your ninjitsu and swapping sucks. Why are items easier to access? Dumb. I’m also constantly using my Ninjitsu because the regular moveset can’t even takedown an add. I don’t like that I’m limited to only four moves per turtle, they don’t feel different combat wise and I never feel any stronger. What is the point of levelling at all besides unlocks? The charms are weird and un-turtle like as well.

What mission are you on? I beat it last night and I agree. I have no drive to replay with each turtle because what’s the point?

Somebody needs to just remaster OOTS. I would play that again in a heartbeat without all the bugs.


I just beat Karai’s mission when I had stopped for the day. That’s another thing…OOTS makes me want to complete everything in one shot or keep playing, but I don’t get that feel this time. And you’re so correct…every turtle basically feels the same in this, but in OOTS they were each unique. I LOVED Mikey’s Kusarigama move!

And yeah what’s the deal with having just the items an easy use bottom? Honestly I’d rather have the swapping be the buttons 1,2,3,4. Maybe make buttons 5,6,7,8 the ninjitsu. It’s so awkward. Makes me want to go back and play OOTS.


Okay, so you’re not very far then. There’s only one boss battle I found annoying. The rest are mostly beat them up as fast as you can.

You should be able to map the buttons or at least flip the items with ninjitsu. Honestly, many times I will be trying to swap to someone and get pummeled before I can make the switch. Really frustrating. The other thing that kept fucking me up is Michaelangelo is mapped to up instead of Leonardo. That just does not compute.

I agree. The combat in this game really makes me want to go back to OOTS.


Ugh…this game was such a huge disappointment. Absolutely terrible.