TMNT Kickstarter IDW Game


Check it out if you haven’t already!
For some reason I can’t link direct to the Kickstarter campaign page… :unamused:
They just added a Bebop sculpt and soon Rocksteady!
Also, lets not forget the Mutants in Manhattan video game will be coming soon as well. Turtle hype!

I like turtles.



In the final hours for the Kickstarter so if you were thinking of pledging, get in on it while you can. We’ve reached every goal but one, which is to get the “Total Party killer” Shredder sculpt. I’m also creating some artwork just for the Kickstarter crew (in an unofficial capacity of course):


Wow for a board game this has gotten a lot of backers… I don’t see why people spend money on these things, most of the time it turns out to be a failure.

But still, I guess your money is your money! Spend it how you want!


It depends. For some it’s the minis (like me), but the gameplay could be really good too…won’t really know until I get my hands on it. I’m a die hard TMNT fan so I kinda have to back this up, lol. And for some they get these things just to part out and sell later, or paint and sell, to turn a profit. It could turn out to be something special though…I am hoping it offers as much simplicity and yet depth as games like Space Hulk or Cool Mini or Not’s Super Dungeon Explore.


Haha you and your family love board games!

I’ve never been the type to give out my credit card details on the internet (Except for Jev merch, those shirts deserve a shop of their own) but I respect that! If you think somethings going to work, why not give it a go.


One thing you can do is open an account you use a debit card with and only add funds in there for internet use. That way if there is ever a problem, you won’t suffer a major loss of money nor have your whole account locked up due to a fraud or scam or hacking activity.


I’ve never been one for board games, bit I’ve always enjoyed the creativity behind them. Takes a lot more creativity to play a board game in my opinion.


They say a solo variant will be in the works too. I like solo games as well since I can’t always grab hubby to run an hour+ long campaign-style game. My favorite is still Death Angel the card game I played on the forum before, heh. Hey, I got the new Aliens variant of that and I STILL have to run a game with them!

Not gonna lie though, boardgames like this ARE a good chunk of change.