Title update... Update


Does anyone know when the title update is coming out ? And what is being implemented in it?


I think they’ve mentioned some basics of what thy expect to be on it and around when they hope it’ll be released, but I can’t remember any confirmed things.
I do know that they’ll almost definitely post the notes in here when they’ve got everything confirmed though


I’m mostly anxious to get more dialogue. Don’t know if that’s part of the title update but it would be nice.


Looking forward to some more storyline talk in the dropship or something? ^.-



I wager ten million dollars they have some cool Parnabunny (Parnell/Abe/Sunny) stuff in there. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT- Just realized what that collective group name is…ParnaBUNNY. :angry:


It’s okay, no bunnies will be seen in the game. ^.^
If we do see them, I’ll get rid of them…
Shoot them all like Venomhounds. ^.^


God, so hard to hit those.

But then I always play Val/Laz/Cabot and they have precision weapons. :stuck_out_tongue:


My rocket launcher will get rid of them. :smile:


I’m glad there’s no bunnies. You’d have to eat to make to evolve, lol.

I already feel awful when I kill Daisy. :tired_face:


Yes. It’s the only story there is.


In case you missed this?


Give me Hyde/Slim or Bucket/Slim conversations and I’ll be on my way.


Yes I read all that already as well. Sheesh. I play games more for story than anything else. This game has become my favorite title on this console so far. Obviously this isn’t that kind of game, but nonetheless, I can’t wait for more dialogue.


I play some games for story line, and some for playstyle. Like with Evolve, I play this game for the team coordination. I enjoy playing it with 4 other friends in customs.

If I want to play alone and kill stuff, I go play Warframe on towers.

Then for storyline, I play stuff like the Elder Scrolls. ^.^


Playstyle tends to come first for me but I do love storylines too. My favourite games tend to play well and have an awesome story going on in the foreground or background (Borderlands 2 is my favourite game, which is relatively story driven by a funny story).

I do play games like Smite though, which has basically no story as they’re all stories from mythologies about the playable gods. Fun to learn about 'em at least.

Evolve’s got a pretty awesome story in the background of what’s a good team game. Nosgoth’s got some pretty nice lore itself, but I mostly just like that so much for the way it plays.

When we get more dialogue, I hope Hyde doesn’t really give a crap about Slim.


I’m waiting on dat Parnabunny dialogue. All the feels. >.>


I expect one of the guys to act pissed, “why didn’t you call?” style. They could easily have a couple of dialogue options though of course. Perhaps one that gives a line to the poor medic caught up in the middle of it.


I want more Maggie/Parnell dialogue. ^.^




Sunny: I was busy! And I forgot! And hypersleep!

Parnell: Abe, take it easy man, Sunny’s back! Aren’t yo-


Caira: Uh, gu-


Caira: N-nothing! Just…The dropship doors are open, time to…jump…

Abe: The Monster can wait.

Parnell: Time for drinks?

Caira: But what ab-

Sunny: I’m up for it!


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