Title Update Marketing [Suggestions]


So, none of us really know just how TRS and 2K are planning their marketing of the relaunch for Evolve but I have a few ideas of my own that I would like to share. I’d love to hear some feedback/criticism for them and what other ideas anyone else may have for such marketing.

Referenced threads (if any) can be found below my suggestions.

  • Advertisements

  • In terms of advertisements the marketing team did very well. They got Evolve’s name out there and they got it known, unfortunately while they did get the name out there they did not do a very good job at clarifying the different editions of the game and DLC given that much of the backlash was done via those two points. So here are my recommendations.

    • A primary use of gameplay footage.
    • Trailers
    • Explain thoroughly.
  • What I mean by the usage of gameplay footage is that many people will buy a game based on seeing the game and not the CG animated shorts. Animations are good for business yes but if you believed everything in them you’d be sorely let down by the ratio of what you can do compared to what was shown. For example: In Overwatch’s animated short “Alive”, if they bought the game to play Widowmaker and hang upside-down making complex shots across the map they’d be let down due to her being incapable of hanging upside-down, or even running (yes, even running is held exclusive to Soldier: 76).

    • By showing gameplay footage you are effectively showing exactly what can and cannot be done without leading them on with false beliefs. Seeing gameplay and seeing a good showcase of what a game or new content for said game has is a very good way to sell.
  • The usage of trailers leading up to Evolve’s launch was good as it helped get the word out, but now we need new ones. With nearly everything changing we need to update them. While the old ones are always nice to see, new players buying Evolve to play as a stealthy Wraith with cloak or an Assault with an impenetrable shield only to find that content is not present in the current version is only going to shove players away with misunderstandings.

    • Over at TRS and 2K, there needs to be some action in making trailers and renaming old ones to specify exactly what trailer is what. Old trailers need to be dated as “Launch Trailer” or “February 2015 Trailer”, anything amongst those lines while new ones need to be dubbed “Relaunch” or “June/July Trailer” or something shnazzy. There needs to be a distinct difference between what was and what is.
  • DLC

  • In line with “Skinpacks removed from Steam-Shop” I feel that skins and all cosmetic items should be removed from the steam store as it seems they have been; any plans to reintroduce them to the store is a no-go and they should be exclusive to the in-game store.

  • Additionally I believe all individual characters should be removed from this list as well. This will make the overall cost of the DLC page appear less and give off less toxicity to new players and those who have jumped on the band-wagon of hate. Instead the “Hunting Seasons” should be updated to include in their description that the characters inside can be purchased separately.

  • On the topic of the “Hunting Seasons”, while I like the whole gimmick (that being Hunting is in seasons and there being multiple) I do not believe it is good to do this in the gaming industry. I believe that instead of one, they should be sold as one full “Season Pass” at an increased price. It seems many people find issue with multiple passes that total to $30 rather than a single pass that totals to $30 (for some reason).

  • Additional to selling Behemoth separately he needs to be included into the “Hunting Season 1” or, in my mind, the “Season Pass”. There’s no reason for him to be excluded from the deal and it is a huge argument to be made for those of whom believe that 2K and TRS are money-grabbers. By selling him separately for the 66% of the price of the “Hunting Pass” he should’ve been included in does appear to be a money grab and will only turn off new players.
    When you sell the “Hunting Season” for $15 and Behemoth for $10 while he is not included only comes across as a money-grab to those looking for an argument. It is inexcusable to not have him included even a year after release.

  • References
Overwatch - Alive Animation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyBUMabtslI
Evolve Trailers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoVQTDWBMe0 ^ Especially needs to be labeled and changed in-game ^ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sb2WWQelGaY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipSVaz6l0j0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsLR808dVAw


Took you long enough. :wink:


I suggest TRS spread the hype by putting TU9 on a floppy disk and hiding it under the sack of rotting taters I use as a pillow. Once I find that sucker and pop it in, i’ll creep across the earth like the spectre of communism and whisper the sweet praises of this dank patch in the ear every breathing, shitting human on the earth.


I’d say the most important thing is actively highlighting the negatives of OG Evolve and stating that they’ve been fixed/improved/etc.

Gameplay-wise, this includes things like ‘running simulator’ and ‘OP Wraith’ and ‘FT3’. For example ads should actively highlight how FT3 has been (supposedly) removed, and that fights will happen more regularly and consistently. Clearly showing how the game has improved.

The other big turn-off was the DLC. There should be an emphasis on all the new free adaptations and how they’re not just reskins but actual game changers (I mean, the Elder Kraken trailer didn’t even mention how it was free, so people just assumed it was more paid DLC).

Bit of a long shot but I’d also suggest changing the name of the Hunting Season Passes to just character bundles. A lot of people were ticked of when they saw Evolve had a second season pass whereas the HSP’s never promised to give the player all future DLC content, only a whole tier for a reduced price. Changing the name could get rid of that misconception.


I agree with @10shredder00 that if they bundled all the DLC together, as a normal season pass for all the DLC, it would look cleaner. Although, I think something that would really help is another free weekend, but hella revamped and extra Schwifty.

#"Evolve is back!!! And better than ever!!!“
gameplay improvement highlights, talks about free adaptations, and updated maps
"And for one week, Evolve will be FREE TO PLAY across all gaming platforms!!!”

"But that’s not all!!!
If you choose to buy Evolve during the free weekend, you can purchase the Ultimate Edition with all Evolve’s DLC, for 50% off!!!"

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Enough hype to get every gamer to be all like;

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These are pretty solid points. And isn’t Behemoth also the most expensive character? Unless they’ve changed it since I’ve checked - which was a long time ago.
Just because a Monster is larger in game and looks more unusual, there is no reason for a Monster to be more expensive than a Hunter. People aren’t paying to be amazed by what they see, they are paying for gameplay time.

You can completely ignore this if Behemoth already is the same price as Hunters, but from memory, he’s about twice as much.

Not sure if Gorgon is in the same light because I bought the Hunting Season 2 pass shortly after Lennox dropped and haven’t looked in the store since.


Rick & Morty, Cat pictures, Evolve Hype! Pretty damn solid post :smiley:


It was a little bit cluttered, and didn’t have a solid plot theme, but it got my point across. :sunglasses:


Gorgon and Behemoth both cost $10 each however Behemoth has no bundle that makes him cheaper while Gorgon does. So yes, Behemoth is 2x more expensive.


Just saying- Monsters cost more because they’re -phenomenally- more expensive To produce than the hunters.

But this said I agree with many of shredders points. Strongly feel the game would benefit from a “complete” package with all the dlc chars- as well as having behemoth IN his appropriate tiers package. This game has a hugely confusing dlc model to begin with- and having different “rules” for the various tiers packages does not help


True, Monster are more expensive to make, and so should cost more. But most people just see it at face value; this character is the most expensive character in the game, so I’ll just get this other one instead


And with this I completely agree

The average player is utterly clueless about what goes into making the assets of the games they’re playing and has no real basis to appreciate it. Understandable of course, but it’s still been a problem for evolve.

It’s not terribly often where players are playing a game where one side of the match is playing a character that costs about what the entire other side does lol