Title Update 9 : Everything we know - Expected Summer 2016


#Last Updated: July 2, 2016

2nd July: Shared Dome mechanics, wildlife spawns no longer random, no more RNG birds when Monster eats, and all Masteries are now baked into the characters to even the playing field.

####Historical Changelog:

**June Changes** **25th June:** Bucket's new ability, "Mechanized Recharge" (see Hunter Post below) **23rd June:** All map update info (see Map Post below) **17th June:** Cosmetic skin challenge weekends are still planned (see General Post Below) **17th June:** New perks teased (see General Post Below) **17th June:** More information on new progression system (see General Post Below) **15th June:** More information on knockback/tumble lock (see Hunter post below) **15th June:** More information on Banshee mine rework! (see Monster Post Below) **6th June:** Banshee Mines are being reworked (see Monster Post Below) **6th June:** Clarifying that this is still TU9.0, not TU1.0 as some Devs were calling it. A better official name will be given to the release.
**May Changes** **27th May:** Added info about Bucket UAV being changed (see Hunter Post below) **20th May:** Added info that the Devs hate us and have made reavers able to climb cliffs (see General Post below) **19th May:** Added info video about new class abilities (see Hunter Post below) **19th May:** Added info about ranked mode only rotating through the 4 polished maps (see General Post below) **18th May:** Added info about removal of limb damage modifiers (see Monster Post below) **11th May:** Added info about all hunters being able to throw the dome (see Hunter Post below) **11th May:** Added info about map changes, and changes to how elite wildlife spawn (see General Post below)


##Quick Links
General Changes
Hunter Changes
Monster Changes
Known Bug Fixes
Map Updates


##A new change coming to the game, and a very big one it is.
Some may say the changes are “f-ing huge”

A lot of what you read below may not seem to make sense in the current context of Evolve. Please remember that there are some incredibly large changes being talked about at TRS that they have teased on these forums and it isn’t appropriate to look at these changes without also realizing there’s a bunch of other non-confirmed changes we don’t know about that could explain why they seem “off balance”.

Please keep an open mind!

######The following is a list of information that has been talked about by Devs on this forum or in other media such as the live-stream. These aren’t confirmed changes (because anything and everything is subject to change), but are insights in to what is being looked at right now and likely changes none-the-less

###Any more patches before TU 9.0?

There WAS to be another micropatch before this Title Update, however that has now been shelved in favor of getting this Title Update finished!

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So you guys have been talking the next Micropatch lately
So you guys have been talking the next Micropatch lately
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#General/Game Wide Changes


  • Eliminating Flee 'til 3 (FT3)
  • Every hunter can now throw the dome (and take it down). Full details here:
  • Dropship timers start at ZERO, monsters getting strikes or staging up adds time to the dropship timer. More strikes, more stages, more time for the monster to wipe the hunters in one go!
  • A third “big change” is happening to stop FT3, but is as yet unannounced.
  • Maps
    • Distillery, Wraith Trap, Orbital Drill and Weathr Control are getting full reworks
      • Reworks include lighter spaces, less bushes and folliage, better landmarks, less “snags”
  • These newly polished maps will be the only maps you can play in Ranked Mode
  • Weather effects will no longer be random, they will change at set times during the match to help the flow of the match
  • Wildlife
    • Reavers can now climb cliffs
    • Bird RNG from the Monster eating wildlife is now removed, but there are still birds on the maps
    • Wildlife is no longer randomly spawned, but placed in specific places on the map to create 3 main feeding routes for Monsters from the starting location.
  • Buffs
  • Albino buffs will now spawn in set locations at set times during the game for each map.
  • Masteries
    • All masteries are baked into the characters now to even the playing field
  • Perks
  • Perks now have three tiers allowing you to mix and match perks to find a better loadout for your hunter/monster.
    • Perks in general are weaker individually than they were, but can be combined. No more than two perks of a type (i.e. Damage Increase) can be picked.
  • Make sure to check below for examples of new perks being added!
  • Capacity Increase will no longer effectively increase the reload speed of a weapon
  • Damage reduction will no longer improve shields by making them tougher to damage
  • Tutorials
  • Devs are working on the base tutorial and making an advanced player tutorial (may not be ready for TU9)
  • Devs are still planning weekend challenge based cosmetic skin giveaways

####Quick Links:
Hunter changes
Monster changes
Known Bug Fixes


###Flee 'til 3 (FT3)

####Big Change #1: Dropship Timers
Flee until Stage 3 (Flee til 3 or FT3) is being heavily worked on to try and eliminate its prevalence from the game

Note there that the dropship time has been incorporated in to the dropship timer. When the timer hits 0, hunters are jumping off the jump ship.

Important: That 7 seconds seems to have changed more recently to 8-10 seconds…

Note that this means that even at it’s longest, hunters should be getting back in to the fight around 21 seconds faster than they currently do

And Daisy?


####Big Change 2: “Omnidome” (or everyone can throw the dome)

See the post below about hunters for more information on this, but basically all hunters can now throw the dome making it much harder for a monster to just spend their time running from capture. Pincer attack that beast and be as good as guaranteed a dome as long as one of the team are paying attention!

####Big Change 3: ???



###Ranked Mode

####Starting with only 4 maps

Ranked mode is getting a bit of work, starting with it only being able to play the 4 polished maps that the devs have been working on improving for this new title update





Perks are being changed, there is now a “Mix and match” kind of system to tailor the kind of perks you’ll get from multiple perks!

UPDATE: New perks teased (numbers subject to change)

For Monsters

for Hunters


For examples on how perks might stack --> Go Here <–

*MS = Movement Speed, SI = Stamina Increase


####Player Progression and Perk choices
The progression system for gaining access to perks is being completely overhauled


####Capacity Increase
Capacity perk will no longer have a side effect of speeing up the effective reload speed of a weapon

Reload speed was the same duration regardless of capacity, allowing for you to essentially gain back charge on battery based weapons quicker, hence the reason for this change.

####Damage Reduction
Damage reduction may soon not affect how useful shields are


####Albino Buffs are changing
Balance changes are coming for albino wildlife buffs, possibly even to try out in competitive play

Updated info 10th of May (thanks @KomodoLover)




There are some big changes to player “onboarding” coming, possibly not in time for this Title Update, but soon after


####Water doesn’t remove fire
Fire damage is no longer be put out by water



####Reavers can now climb cliffs (and haunt your dreams)

####RNG Startled Birds from Monster eating removed

####Wildlife spawning system reworked, no longer random


###Weekend Challenges


##Quick Links
Hunter changes
Monster changes
Known Bug Fixes
Map Updates

#Hunter Changes


  • All hunters can now throw the dome, and take it down.
  • Strikes will now likely only take down a hunters max health by 10% (was 25% at release)
  • Knockback (aside from Behemoth Tongue Grab) is no more, if you have jetpack boost, you can get out of a knockback animation
  • All hunters will get a small amount of passive health regen
  • Class abilities
    • Assault shield is being replace by a damage reduction field, making it harder for monsters to focus them
    • Support cloak is being replaced by a shield burst which varies in effect for each Support
    • Trapper dome is changed to a planet scanner, providing the trapper with a few seconds of extra movement speed, and marking on a newly centrally located compass in all hunter HUDs the rough direction of where the monster is
  • Bucket
    • UAV is being replaced by an ability to reduce class cooldowns (Trapper planet scanner, cloak shields, heal burst, assault DR)
  • Slim
    • Spore cloud will impair sense distance, so getting close to a hunter will stop the effects of the spore cloud
  • Lazarus
    • Lazarus is being reworked, better heals, no strike removal from dead incap revives, harder to counter but less frustrating
  • Hyde
    • New badass minigun sound effect (minor change)
  • Jetpacks
    • No more consuming jetpack while slow climbing
    • No more slow start to a JP climb
    • More consistent JP dashes/dodges allowing for more from a full charge
    • Fixes to falling off of walls while climbing
    • Monster can now knock you out of a climb
  • Damage over time effects (DoTs) will stack where they currently do not
  • Incap pistol damage/effectiveness is being improved to dissuade body camping
  • Some hunters are losing their speed penalty when firing/using certain weapons/abilities (such as Caira and Tech Sgt Hank)


##Quick Links
General Changes
Monster Changes
Known Bug Fixes
Map Updates


#All Hunters

###The Dome

All hunters now have the option of doming the monster, a huge change in the dynamic of the game balanced by other changes to monsters and hunters.


Some backstory to this major change:



Strikes are being reduced to a 10% total health penalty

###Passive Health Regeneration for ALL hunters
All hunters will have a low passive health regen as standard


###Class Ability Reworks
3 out of 4 class abilities ARE changing

For the fullest info check this post out


Jetpacks are being slightly reworked

UPDATE: Jetpack dodges now get you out of (almost) all knockback states that monsters put you in


###Damage Over Time Effects (DoTs) will stack
Various DoTs (specifically mentioned in various conversations is fire DoTs like Hyde and Caira’s weapons) are being split out in to their own unique damage types to allow for more stacking of damage on the monster.

Note that Wasteland Maggie’s DoTs already stack!


###Incapped Pistol Damage
Pistol damage while incapped has been reworked to help aid a prevention of body camping


###Speed Penalty While Firing
Various hunters (not all yet confirmed) will have their speed penalty while firing/using weapons/equipment removed. Specifically mentioned have been Caira while shooting her 'nades and Tech Sgt Hank while charging up people’s shields. They are just examples, not the only characters changing!



No major changes have been teased for Val, R.Val, Caira, or Emet yet!


A big rework is happening to Laz:


###Spore Cloud
Spore cloud is getting some tweaks to make it more friendly to monsters




No major changes have been teased for Parnell, Torvald, or Lennox yet!

**Markov** [quote="Insane_521, post:2643, topic:85864"] Markov does 200 DPS with the LG now, so that is a thing as well :slight_smile: [/quote]

Just a minor change



No major changes have been teased for individual trappers yet!



No major changes have been teased for Sgt Hank, Sunny, Cabot, Hank or Kala yet (other than the class ability change)!


Bucket’s UAV is being replace by an ability that will reduce class cooldowns on the team!


##Quick Links
General Changes
Monster Changes
Known Bug Fixes
Map Updates

[8.1] Medic Balance(polls)
Outdated Dialogue Archive

#Monster Changes


  • Monsters now get FOUR ability points at stage 1, THREE at stage 2 and TWO at stage 3
    • Also counts for Arena (now 7 points to spend, not 6)
  • Monster armour will now regenerate much faster when out of combat
  • Monster traversals have been standardised, meaning more traversals out of combat than is currently the case
  • Goliath/Meteor Goliath
    • Higher climb speed than version 8.0
    • Air control so he can move/attack during traversal and leaps
  • Kraken
    • Banshee mines have been refactored to allow for better balancing of this ability (NOW WITH FURTHER DETAIL)
    • Made to be more ranged than up close
  • Wraith
    • Decoy no longer cloaks Wraith, nor benefits from being in supernova. Other changes exist but are unannounced!
  • Behemoth
    • Lots of changes to make him more of a “pit boss”, less combo chains, more frequent attacks, all about area control.
    • Lavabomb is now one big droplet instead of randomly falling multiple ones
    • Tongue grab does more damage and cools down faster
    • Rockwall has less slabs, but more work is being done on this
    • Potential for Behemoth to have anti-burst damage passive (not 100% confirmed)
  • Gorgon
    • Playstyle being altered to be more about stacking Damage over time until healers can’t counter it any more
  • Monsters will no longer have limb damage (will still have headshot damage), and hunter weapons are being rebalanced for lower damage as a result
  • Death grab animations are no more
  • Monster sound effects have been standardised so that in the future stealthier monsters can have been SFX fall offs

####Quick Links:
Hunter changes
General changes
Known Bug Fixes


###All Monsters

####More ability points at stage 1

Monsters can now distribute 4 ability points at stage 1, 3 at stage 2, and 2 at stage 3

And yes, this does mean an extra ability point in Arena


Monster armour is going to be much more available


####Ability levels and their purpose


####Monster SFX volume

All monster have more standardised audio output volumes


All monsters can now reliably get away from fights regardless of ability builds

This DOES NOT mean all monsters move the same speed!


####“Death Grab” animation

It’s no more, it allowed monsters to get tied up in an animation for the melee attack they killed a hunter with and it was messing with people’s game too much


####Limb damage modifiers are gone

Limb damage (not headshot damage) will be a thing of the past. Hunters will now more consistently damage you as a monster, but are getting nerfed bullet damage to balance it all out


###Individual Monsters

No major changes have been teased for Elder Kraken yet!

**Goliath/Meteor Goliath**

####Climb speed

Increased climb speed by default (may already be the case after the 8.1 micropatch!)


####Air Control
More air control on Goliath so he is more effective at countering roaching. (notice turning mid-air on these heavy-attack leaps)


####Ranged combat


####Banshee Mines



Big changes coming for Decoy!

**Behemoth (Bob)**

Extended changes were posted (too big to quote here):


####Lava Bomb


####Tongue Grab




####Survivability (PC vs Console)



And she’ll be “stronger” :open_mouth:

####Quick Links:
Hunter changes
General changes
Known Bug Fixes


#Bug Fixes

####Quick Links:
Hunter changes
Monster changes
General changes

There are also some bug fixes that have been confirmed in the chatter by devs around the forums, use the dropdown below to check out what should be fixed by the Title Update






###Markov (And Blitz, presumably)









###Quick Links:
General changes
Monster changes
Hunter changes

</shameless bumps continue, party hard Tara 3 wtf reavers? yay UAV change 1! More yay Banshee mine change 1! And more!


##Quick Links

Orbital Drill
Wraith Trap
Weather Control