Title 9 Is This Month


They gave us j and is 4 letters it either come out tommorow or next month.


Fuck nevermind they put stuff out on tuseday


My guess is the end of July. Since it’s a biggggg update it must go though a lot of QA in order to be ready. Since Shaners made the thread A Wild Community Manager Appears It must mean it’s in QA at least.

Unless I’m wrong, in that case it will be the first time that I’m glad that I’m wrong and it comes out before the end of July.

I hope I’m wrong.

I cry because I might be right.


I hope its after the 17. That’s the end of a vacation I’m taking and I will be away from the games…

I want to be here for day one. I desperately hope I dont miss it.


The hype is real.

Honestly everyone at Turtle Rock seriously can’t wait to get this update out in the wild. We’re just as excited to start playing Evolve again :slight_smile:


Expect it to come out at the end of July, so any earlier is a pleasant surprise :slight_smile:


Would you mind sharing which remaining actions needs to be completed before patch will go live? ^.^


well…aren’t you up late? :stuck_out_tongue:


update next month…

Sh*t I am not ready I still need to get a job so I can buy evolve theme t-shirts, some evolve stickers, glasses hat, and shoes so I can become a walking evolve advertisement!


How I will feel when TU9 hits and I can play Evolve with people again:


Wish it was out for the 4th of July weekend but I can wait.


In the meantime, just get a red sharpie and draw it all on!

  1. My bet is that the “J” date won’t be met.

  2. It’s sad knowing that even the developers have stopped playing their own game.



Don’t know what you’re talking about.

The devs on my steam friends list are still playing. Also, don’t forget that they have access to a much better version of Evolve at the office.


As i said once… you forgot about "J"anuary… Kappa

  1. I’m skeptical and given that the last time they had tried to release it (i.e With Elder Kraken), it fell through.

Thus saying that they lack reason to play.


A date would be appreciated. I want to request the date off from work. I would need at least a week notice due to the nature of my job.


We’ve been playing our internal builds for months. We’ve also been at home playing this new update quite a bit. Also everyone on the Evolve team playtests for an hour every day during work hours.

We are excited to experience the new update with everyone, as we’ve been pretty excited and enjoying what we have internally.


On what platform? I’m on PC and I wish I could met one of you in-game after the update.