Titan's Musings on Theoretical Endgame Model


I love Evolve. It’s a very fun, interesting, unique game. I’m sure you shall all agree. But it has a major problem; it is dying. Say what you will, just a few weeks ago the average amount of players was 5000 and people were getting worried. Now our average is only 1000, and it’s becoming more and more unstable. While the game does seem to be doing well on Xbox One, it is dying on PC and seems to be dead on Ps4.

Even adding in the long awaited tier 4 hunters and monster only added 2500 players back out of an original 27,000. I don’t know what could be added to regain old players, so I think the game must shift to enticing new players. With a $60 dollar price tag people aren’t going to jump in any time soon. This is why, assuming things get really bad (Under 500 average) I propose a Free-To-Play model.

Assuming things get tough, the game becomes free on steam and other consoles that have Xbox Live/PlayStation Plus. So, the problem comes how to deal with the people who paid 60-100 dollars for it. Here is what I propose.

Entry Tier
You bought the game for free, you get the base game as is. No skins save Elites for unlocking, no tier 4 hunters. Basically if you bought the game right now.

Veteran Tier
You bought the game at launch or before it became F2P. You get:

  • All current cosmetic skins, and a discount on subsequent other skins.
  • A discount on all characters current and further down the line. Your choice of one free from each tier.
  • Special badges/avatars/ect.
  • A special ‘gamemode’ that let’s you act as a beta tester for new content.
  • If you already had all tier 4, all skins, ect. You receive credits equal to that price allowing you to purchase new skins.

Leviathan Tier
You bought the Monster Race edition for $100. Here’s what you get.

  • All skins forever with the exception of challenge related skins or special cases.
  • All characters, forever. Possible exceptions may apply.
  • Special badges/avatars/ect.
  • A special ‘gamemode’ where you can not only act as a beta tester, but an alpha tester.
  • All new characters will be available to you before anyone else gets them.
  • A special ‘forum code’ that lets you see new stuff before it is planned and talk about the alpha gamemode stuff.

I understand this is all pretty end game stuff, just wanted to write it down if things get worse. I do hope the devs have a plan for enticing newbies, I believe @MacMan hinted at a new gamemode possibly including two or monster monster players, though I might be horridly wrong.


Is it dead on PS4? First time I’ve seen somebody put this and I have to disagree from my personal experience :smile:


PC seems alright most of the time as well, finding Hunt games at 40 that is.


I have no problems whatsoever on PS4 and I’m quite sure there aren’t average player stats available for it, so confused as to where this idea came from :sweat_smile:


Dead on ps4? I can always find full games


While I thank you for attempting to put me in the “Leviathan Tier”, I’m not sure it’s needed.


Can always find full games on PC as well.

I think people’s conception of a “dead” game is arguable.

This aside, game currently does not have enough cash shop content to run as f2p. Even in the industry, “going f2p” is often the call made by uninspired people to revitalize a struggling game, and often fails if not done properly. It’s downright scary to see marketing managers, lead publishers and whatnot believing that because a few high profile titles are free to play, any game can successfully transition to this model!


It’s not dead yet, but we went to 27000 to 1000 in a month. Isn’t that worrying to anyone?

As for ps4, I don’t have any numbers but from what I have heard and seen on youtube it seems worse than pc.


Not worrying me. I expected the numbers to drop.

CS:GO/CoD kids can’t play games like Evolve. So they left. ^.-