Titan's Musings on Evolve


Evolve is shaping up to be my favorite game of all time. Great monsters, fun hunters, good gameplay. When speaking with voice chat as a team, you become a force to be reckoned with. However, I task myself on all the games I play (Multiplayer ones anyway) with being a bit of a stickler for balance. Luckily, it seems the devs feel the same way!

So just a heads up, this isn’t a ‘X is OP’ thread, it’s my thoughts on balance overall and is taken from many players, not just me.

Defend Mode

Had to get this out of the way first. Defend is easily my favorite game mode idea, taking a moba and actually making it fun and not utterly frustrating is a blast. But there is one glaring problem with it, and that is it his horrendously in favor of the monster.

The problem comes in to a lot of things, but first I want to start out with the source of the problem: Turrets. In any MOBA I can think of, turrets are the bane of players and lest they have some minions to take the pain they will die shortly. Here, with or without minions the monster ignores them all together because they really don’t do much. Their damage is pitiful and they have no health (1 Rock Throw and a Lightning Bolt + Air Melee one shots one). I’d reccomned making them a lot more important and not just ‘those shooty things’.

The second problem is with the very essence of character selection. It quickly became apparent that some characters are utterly useless in Defend, while others are pretty much required. Markov’s mines can take the minions down to 1/10 their health without mastery or damage perk, where as Hyde and Parnell are pretty much useless. If the lanes were more narrow and you could see the monsters coming, then they might have more use. Trapper Griffin isn’t very useful because finding the monster isn’t a priority, and harpooning him isn’t necessary because he is already Stage 3. Due to the drop ship, Lazarus is completely useless. While Abe has his uses, Maggie out classes him due to harpoon traps. I don’t know what to do about this, redesigning lanes means redesigning maps, and that takes too long. But it just pains me to see my favorite character completely useless in this mode.

And this is where the monster comes in. While Kraken is generally considered the weakest link in hunt mode, at stage 3 in defend he is LUDICROUS. He can lightning bolt the turret from far away, and this is how 90% of the rounds I play with one go. Goliath, similarly, just spams rock throw. The Wraith is completely useless here, and I honestly don’t know what to do about that. In addition, monster minions + armor have WAAAY to many hit points. Before you think i’m just hating on the monsters, I mainly play monster.

So here are my thoughts on what could be changed.

  • Turrets have 1.5x as much health and 2x as much damage.
  • Monster abilities like Lightning Strike and Rock Throw do less/no damage to generators.
  • Minions have reduced health

Nest + Rescue
Both are very well balanced, my only major problem is that if the monster evolves to stage 3 and lets 5 of the 6 go, then sits around the egg, it’s almost impossible to destroy. Not anything that needs to be addressed though.


  • Markov: Fine as is.
  • Hyde: The only reason to use minigun is when their are loads of weak spots, I suggest a range increase.
  • Parnell: The shotgun out classes the rocket launcher in every regard. Not sure what to do here.
  • Hank: Fine as is.
  • Bucket: UAV tracks for a bit too long if you ask me, but not a major problem.
  • Cabot: Fine as is.
  • Maggie: Fine as is.
  • Griffin: Either increase damage or do something with that harpoon. Right now he’s a bit redundant.
  • Abe: Easily most OP character in game. Reduce the tracking pistol by 50% or something, otherwise it’s just cruel.
  • Val: Fine as is.
  • Lazarus: Fine as is.
  • Caira: Fine as is.
  • Goliath: Fine as is.
  • Kraken: Stage 1 needs to be buffed and Stage 2 nerfed. I recommend doubling stage 1 movement speed and reducing stage 2 in air melee damage. In addition, lightning bolt’s radius should be nerfed slightly. Jetpack dodging doesn’t seem to cut it.
  • Wraith: Seems really weak. Never seen one win, pitiful at defend. No idea what to change, that’s for the devs to figure out I reckon.

Other Musings

  • Decoy just doesn’t attack 75% of the time. I don’t know why, do I have to be facing a specific target to do it? It always goes in the direction I look.

  • Damage Resitance starting perk isn’t really usefull until at third tier. Not much to say here.

  • Speed Starting Perk should be increased slightly.

  • Last night, a ton of monsters were using the pounce in mid-air. Could this be changed to an on the ground thing?

I really hope a dev takes the time to look over than and use the feedback, a lot of my friends agree with these sentiments and I hope they get balanced.


In regards to Kraken, I’ll point out that each of the monsters have the same running movement speed (if that’s the speed you were referring to).
Also saying Wraith is weak is quite the uncommon comment around the forums


Not a bad post @Titangilas. The only thing I will say, and maybe you knew this, Evac is supposed to be a fun mode. There will be, at least for a while, very few tweaks to it I believe. That said, you are correct…sadly some hunters are MUCH better suited for it than others.


They all have the same base speed (Save the Behemoth). I reckon if we can make a monster slower, we can also make one faster right?

@VonHenry I completely agree in that Evac is the ‘joy-ride’ mode, but how fun is it if you have to use some other character because your favorite just isn’t good in it. I love Hyde, he’s my favorite character, but using him in defend is suicide.


If the Wraith is really weak and pitiful, then I must be playing horribly, horribly wrong.


You’re thoughts on defend are exactly the same as mine. Definitely my favorite besides hunt. Actually really fun. But all your complaints are my complaints, except I’ve wrecked with the wraith on defend as well lol. Gotta decoy the turrents (and yes, you have to aim the decoy at something for it to attack it).

But, I agree the turrents are utterly useless lol. Armored or not they still suck and armored minions are just cruel. I’vr also encountered a glitch where the minions health won’t drop if he’s beating on the generator. The other problem with the turrents is they are never really all shooting at once. Maybe two if you are lucky lol.


I personally think a speed boost would be way too much and unnecessary . Kraken’s movement advantage comes from being able to completely avoid most terrain. If he gets a run speed boost then why bother flying outside of combat at all and if his flying gets boosted as well then he reaches a whole new level of maneuverability (even if just limited to stage 1)


Pretty sure you’re never supposed to be flying outside of combat anyways, otherwise you leave electric residue that can be tracked like prints and you are much more visible. But perhaps not movement speed is the best option, just something to raise up the Stage 1 without making Stage 2 any more powerfull.


Flying has its advantages and disadvantages when evading the hunters just as Wraith leaves behind a dust trail and Goliath makes lots of noise.
But why do you think he needs a stage 1 buff?


If you get caught at a Kraken at stage 1, it’s game over. A Goliath can hold his own with full armor and even kill the trapper if domed, a Wraith can just hide in a bush or dash out of the dome, the problem comes from the ability distribution.

If the Kraken goes with 3 Vortex or Banshee Mines, it won’t be able to do enough damage to kill the trapper/medic. If the Kraken goes with 3 Aftershock, it’s forcing itself to go down to the ground, where it’s screwed. If the Kraken goes with 3 Lightning Strike, it has no ability to keep things away and good hunters can dodge the lightning bolt easily.If it goes any less than 3 into any ability (Which I recommend for diversity), it won’t deal enough damage to finish the trapper fast enough.

Usually I recommend 1 Vortex, 2 Lightning Strike, to push foes back and deal medium damage if you get caught. If Val is on the team, constant tranqs will prevent you from escaping to evolve. Bucket’s UAV will act similarily. Abe’s Tracking darts make the game almost unplayable when Kraken.


Well I never intentionally try and win at stage 1 but rather mitigate as much damage as I can if I get caught. Worked so far for me as Kraken


I’ll also add I do strongly agree with how effective Kraken is in Defend. He’s capable of taking large chunks of generator hp from just lightning striking all the time.