Titan's Feedback on Tier 4 Patch


Updated so this isn’t Outdated.

Okay, so I think I should update my thoughts because after playing the patch more I have found some of my statements aren’t right. Sorry if I offended anyone with my previous sentiments, they came from playing as a monster and I hadn’t played as the hunters much at that point.

Updated Opinions

@Celery I suppose you had every right to stop reading, because I was stupid about Torvald. He is actually fairly OP compared to the other assaults, dealing almost 6 times as much damage as they do on a match of the same length. His shrapnel grenade has no reload and I think that is a problem, his auto fire shotgun has virtually no reload time, and the mortars… wow. I got the mammoth bird perk and I had 3 mortars every second. So, in summary, I would:

  • Add a 1.5 second reload onto Shrapnel Grenade
  • Increase shotgun reload by 5%
  • Increase mortar reload time to 6 seconds for all mortars, possibly reduce damage.

The most balanced of the new hunters, I only have one glaring problem with Sunny that I did not realize. It makes domes waaay to easy. Not sure how to change this, however.

  • Alter the way it works as so that Arenas cannot be obtained as easily.

Before this more indepth analysis, I stated Crow was only slightly too powerful. After playing with one on the team as a hunter I can tell you he is absolutely ludicrous. The bird doesn’t last particularly long but can be spammed, the stasis charged shot lasts a while and can be spammed, the health taking rifle takes way too much health and basically means if a monster has under 3 bars of health at stage 3 and Crow has no strikes he’s screwed. Here is what I would do.

  • Gobi cannot find a monster that is not moving, whether it is eating or hidden in a bush.
  • Statis Gun high charge takes an addition .5-1 second time to charge, has a 1 second less slow time on monster.
  • Armor-Piercing Rifle has a 15% increased charge time for health shot and 5-10% less health damage.

In game, people like to talk about their views on characters. If people are arguing if Caira is even viable when the new medic exists, you know something is up. Slim is just evil, but I have found the source of his problem. The heal bursts every 2 seconds is a pain, but it’s the spore launcher that sucks the most. If it’s a dark map or their is a bush he can hide in you literally can’t kill him. In addition, it’s nearly impossible to kill him when he is shielded or cloaked. So here is what I would change.

  • Heal Burst has a slightly shorter width but a higher height. It appears if you are jet-packing over him you are ignored.
  • Spore Launcher has a smaller radius, a longer reload time (it can be spammed endlessly), or there is some way to counter it.

Not much has changed, we’ve been steam rolling them unless they have the sloth perk. Even if they give it more survivability, the moves are inherently weird. Here’s what I would change.

  • Lava Bomb is practically useless against a coordinated team because it takes way too long to activate and is easy to dodge. I recommend giving it a faster cast time, perhaps at the cost of leaving his organs still vulnerable for a bit longer.
  • Rock Wall is awesome, but it never works. If it is too close, too near an animal, or a wall, or a tree, or daisy, or an object, or a mine, or turret, ect. Fix all that and i’m sure it will be popular.
  • Tounge Grab is awesome. @MacMan, would it be possible to give abduction the same ‘you are selecting this target’ feature? I love it, it makes aiming it a thousand times easier and if Wraith could utilize it i’m sure people would actually put more than one point in abduction. As for behemoth’s move, I feel it needs to stun hunters when they get to you or do more damage, because unless you follow up with a rock wall they just jetpack away.
  • Fissure needs a longer width, it’s one of the easiest moves to dodge in the game. That is all.
  • The rolling heavy attack thing is too strong. That is all.

What’s that you say? Kraken? The monster I adamantly defend and occasionally ask for buffs? Why is he here? Because he is broken. The latest patch somehow made him at just as fast as standard when using aftershock and lightning bolts and something just seems off about him. I might dare say that his overall movement speed was increased. I know I have asked for this in the past, but even as an avid Kraken player this feels wrong.


I’d say that if you want guaranteed tracking of a monster you’ll still take Abe. Abe is also good for area control rather than monster control. i.e. in situations where you’re not sure you’ll be in LoS for Crow, Abe is the more reliable option. I prefer Crow but I dislike playing Abe so… :wink:

As for Slim, that heal burst radius and recharge is deceptive…it’s not all powerful on the heals as far as I’ve seen. The heal burst is clearly meant to be used more often because individual heal bursts have come across as very weak to me. I think it works well against Behemoth where you have a big ol’ target to aim for, but I will be interested to see how well Slim does against Kraken or Wraith.


This is the part that makes me worry. I saw it bug up a LOT during streams, and reading this makes me a sad panda.

Hopefully they fix it.


Crow is better in battle, but keeping track of a monster isnt as good as abe.
Abe gets eyes on
Abe keeps eyes on


If anything it’s Torvald who is “too powerful” but definitely not Slim, who has a ton of downsides. I’ve seen him get squashed first thing to open several fights so far - he still only has Heal Burst to heal himself, and it requires putting himself in extreme danger to consistently heal, spore cloud or not. Crow is really strong, but also has a lot of limitations - his armor-bypassing charged shots do pretty low damage but require accuracy and timing, so they’re not broken. Gobi is way better in action than I thought he’d be. Torvald is just a beast - he’s everything I’ve ever wanted out of an Assault, and he can even Hail Mary to take out a fleeing Monster. Sunny’s Mininukes do a ton of damage and have a large blast radius, so not hitting right on the nose is not a big deal - it handles fine to me. Jetpack booster is underwhelming when you’re playing with the AI, so I’ll reserve judgement on that until I play with decent people, but Shield drones are a nice backup mini-Hank.


Well, it’s only fitting for a bug man :'D


my thoughts as an average hunter player (and a bad monster):

torvald: didn’t get to play him yet. seems balanced.

sunny: only had one game as her but holy shit her nukes do a lot of damage. not sure if this is intended, but i got 25% mastery in one shot on a stage1 behemoth. the jetpack boost is interesting. it was pretty easy to get everyone out of harm’s way when they got too close to the monster. nothing to say about shield drone yet.

crow: didn’t play him, but as monster he was even more annoying than the other 3. i have no idea how to counter goby (but i guess there is a way, otherwise that bird needs a nerf). his stasis gun is ok in a dome, but when following it’s just the worst. the slow and duration of stasis granades with the range of the tranq gun made it impossible to get away, especially when his jetpack was boosted by sunny. can’t say anything about his damage.

slim: played him the most. his performance seems to depend on the team and the monster even more than laz. if the monster focuses him with little to no support from the team, he goes down just like any other medic, but when he can shoot the monster without getting hit too much he’s amazing. maybe even too good.

behemoth: he just seemed wrong. most games he was easy to catch at stage one and then went down way too fast for what he’s supposed to be, but i had one behemoth (combined with a bad trapper) that managed to run or rather roll circles around us, without any chance of catching him. so he got to stage 3 unharmed (but it took a long time because we didn’t give him much time to feed) and smashed us, but still lost a lot of health in that fight. can’t exactly tell if the problem is the location and size of his headshot area or if the new hunters do so much damage. he was advertised as this big unstoppable force, but what’s the point in having more armor and hp if you loose it twice as fast. this is not the slow moving but hard hitting tank we were promised. to complete the badness the rockwall is buggy as hell, not going up at all or with a lot of space. maybe it’s intended that any pebble on the ground can block a segment of the wall going up, but then change the visuals to show that while aiming.


The only issue i have with sunny is that spamming those grenades make me lag for some reason while playing monster :frowning:


i disagree about crow being better in battle. Abe’s shotgun, it seems, does more damage than crow’s gun


The only person that needs a definite tweak is torvald, the skilless spammy assault, with no penalty for mistakes.

Maybe sunny as well because she can deal some serious damage when leading properly, a bit too much.

Torvald will be getting a nerf though


In all honesty, Torvald does indeed need some adjustment to his Mortars. Also while I think Sunny is in a good place damage-wise, they coudl do what they did to Cabot and increase loading speed by 25% or so. That might make people happier about her nuke.


torvald is broken

completly op

sunny is all over fine in my eyes maybe her reload time could be a little bit higher

crow is meh griffin is still way better

slim is gimmicky


Abe can do more damage but his pokeballs are a joke, the stasis gun is way better imo


I think she’s fine too, but I am willing to compromise some of her loading speed if people will just get off of the “Nerf her Mini-Nuke into impotency” bandwagon.


His pokeballs are good for crowd control and so that he doesnt need line of site as well as he can utilize his other weapons more while his pokeballs are on the ground and still slow the monster


yeah same for me same for me :slight_smile:


I could never really figure pokeballs out, ive always been a shooty mcshoot kinda guy so Crow has far more appeal to me since theres never a moment when im not doing anything, all the T4 hunters are so active, finally a crew with so much swapping my mind doesnt grow bored of it


Slim’s Strength is in his AOE heals. He simply does not have the single target heal power Caira & Val have. This puts hunters in danger if one gets focused down. Of course, this is where Sunny comes in, but who can peel for her? Griffin can, but Crow is still an arguably better choice atm, especially with tier 4 hype going strong.


Hahahahahaha. This really made me laugh but I accept we all have different opinions. I just feel that Torvald is on the highest level of OP I’ve seen for a long time.


tell me when is crow better then griffin?

if ure a good trapper u should have zero problems with finding the monster anyway. which makes gobbi useless(he isnt even that useful afterall)
infight? like who cares about the slow? same wannabe little fuck u as abes useless stasisnades (except for behemoth but hes freeloot anyway)
afterdome punishment? griffin is 10320130 times stronger with his harpoon (especially with sunnys boost) then crows stasisgun
dmgwise? iam not sure but it feels like that they are doing almost the same dmg.

crow can do health dmg
well if u had griffin dps’ing then everyone could do way faster healthdmg so in the end its the same.

i just dont understand the crow hype especially after the soundspike buff.

dont wanna offened or anything but tell me ure view