Titan's Feedback on Patch 5.0

I’ve done this for the past major patches, thought I would do it again. I must say, overall this patch is a major help but I have a handful of issues. I’m not going to make some super detailed thing about everything I loved, so basically if something isn’t listed here I like it. Without further a do, here is what I think of the patch.


  • New Character is neat and well balanced, maybe a bit underwhelming at first but really good once you get the hang of it.
  • The new version of hunt is easy to use and is over all neat.
  • Torvald is viable. Hooray!
  • New Arena Mode maps are awesome
  • I think Behemoth still needs another buff, but this is a step in the right direction.
  • Monster glow on menu is back. Hooray!
    Now then… I have a few problems, but I want to focus on the major ones.

Firstly, Slim was considered by virtually everyone I knew to be the worst character in the game, and this patch he received a… nerf? It’s gotten to the point where I join games and people beg the medic to not be slim. I know there was an exploit with him, but it had nothing to do with his kit. I really don’t know what to say here.

Wraith getting a warp blast buff was really weird. It was already a bit crazy, but with the other changes to wraith it’s not very important, just wanted to see the reasoning. Markov got a minor buff, but he is still the weakest assault. Also hoping to see some improvement to parnell. Bucket’s sentries don’t seem to be targeting enemies at certain angles. While I saw nothing major in the patch notes, Val feels a lot weaker than before.

My biggest complaint other than the Slim thing is that Kraken -still- didn’t receive a major nerf. I’m not the best monster by far, but I can consistently and easily win as a stage 1 now,

The only other complain I have is the jetpack changes make it almost impossible to keep on the monster with Jack, and since he is new and everyone plays as him… It’s not too important, just an observation.

Overall, I love the new update and I can’t wait to see meteor goliath, but these are some issues I had.

blinks uh… really?

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Probably console. See what he said about Kraken, lol.

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Wait, what is this about Slim? I have never EVER heard ANYONE openly beg me not to play as Slim.

In fact, I’ve had people openly beg me to play as Slim instead of characters such as Caira or Laz.

I have no words.

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I agree with a lot of your points except the Behemoth one. I think he’s pretty good now. Though i’ve only played against him once.

Well Slim is easily the most powerful Medic right now if you can aim well. Hit every shot and you’re healing more than Caura, to EVERYONE around, while dealing respectable damage at the same time, while perms cloaking your team. Plus the big is a thing.