Titan's Feedback on Patch 2.3.8


I’ve done these for past patches, thought I would give my two cents here. As in the past, hope devs see it, and if they do, hope I don’t look like an idiot.

To improve the quality of this review, I actually played more than an hour to see if I could get my head around all of the changes. Stay tuned.

General Hunters
Like the ‘only when jet packing fuel loss’ change, but the .5% reduction to regen was surprisingly noticeable. I didn’t think I would even be able to tell, but I noticed it immediately. Don’t think it needs a change at all, just surprised how much different it felt. Good changes over all. Also tumble lock removal/juggling is fantastic.

Minor change, can’t tell the difference. TBH what needed a buff was his lightning gun, but I assume that comes later.

Surprisingly, also unnoticeable. Still super spammy. I feel that you might just want to nerf his damage or something.

Like the trade off. Val is still a tiny smidge weak, but this makes her feel better.

This confuses the hell out of me. He received a giant buff and yet he feels completely useless, worse than even Lazarus. I suppose the difference is that a really good Lazarus can pull out clutch wins, a really good Slim right now only won because the support ran and hid on the other side of the map and the bug healed him before monster caught him, so the drop ship returned. He just has no self sustain. I recommend either making each shot heal him a tiny bit, or maybe let his bug heal him as well if not healing someone else.

Not sure how to feel about Kraken, as before this feels like the entirely wrong way to balance him. Banshee Mines appear to be back to how the used to be before they were fixed last patch, Aftershock went from being OP to worthless, the bug where he uses two traversals is even more prevalent. I guess he is much more balanced now, but he is still impossible to hit as the assault aside from markov and that is why he is unbalanced.

Lovely changes. Still feels really weak, Fissure never hits anyone and Lava Bomb is easy to dodge. But me and my friend spent an hour gushing over how amazing the rock wall is now. The stamina/harpoon thing is completely unnoticeable but if it is actually there I like it. I think the Crow slow was more important to change than harpoons anywho, but any help for the big lug is nice. However, did the change to help tounge grab crashes change how it worked? Seems a lot harder to land it now.

Wraith might just be balanced. Decoy and Supernova are still subpar, but Warp Blast isn’t allowing super easy stage 1 wins any more, and I hear that Abduction is getting a buff.

So all in all, nice patch, but here is what I hope to see in future:

  • Torvald Nerf
  • Markov Lightning Gun Buff
  • Crow Nerf
  • Val Buff
  • Caira minor nerf (You said it was coming in the past Macman, don’t prove me wrong)
  • Slim Buff
  • Behemoth Buff
  • Kraken and Wraith ‘Reassignment’ (Not a buff or nerf, just changing how they work entirely on both sides)

2.0.8/2.3.8 Patch Discussion

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What is it you want nerfed on Crow? I totally agree on Slim, I feel like when I get focused as him there’s less I can do than most medics. His spore cloud is handy, but if a good monster has enough practice against Slim they can still easily keep on you.


All I want right now is for Torvald to receive more than just a few damage value changes. He deserves better.

People typically draw a mental connection between Torvald and high damage but it doesn’t come automatically. Like Markov he’s great at grounded opponents but against Kraken… wow that’s some horrible matchmaking.

I get that each Assaults have their weaknesses. But at least Markov can still deal some solid damage if the Monster avoids his Mines carefully. Torvald is just trash against a dodgy Kraken.


Crow’s problem is that he ‘realizes’ his idea far too much. Crow and Abe are very similar in that they are both the ‘Jack of All Trades’. Maggie and Griffin are on opposite sides of the spectrum, one best at finding the monster, the other at locking it down. Abe’s idea was to be in the middle, not as good at tracking or at slowing, but better at the other that Griffin or Maggie are bad at. The middle man, if you will.

So Crow is, for all intents and purposes, the superior version of Abe. Abe has to be incredibly close to the monster to slow it, but Crow can slow from across the map with excellent accuracy, can spam it much more, and it lasts roughly the same amount of time. He does less damage than Abe, but not by much, and he can bypass armor. Gobi is basically a more spammable version of the dart gun.

TBH, the only main problem I have with Crow is that the slow gun is so spammable and so devastating. If you have Val or Sunny, you can keep the monster slowed the entire game. Hell, in one 15 minute game I, a not particularly skilled trapper, kept the monster slowed for about 13 minutes of said game. It’s also annoying that the bird can see behind you ,but whatever.


Keep it here, please. :slight_smile: