Titan's Feedback on Patch 2.3.6


@MacMan @DamJess

I’ve only played for a few hours, so my opinions may be completely wrong. However, wanted to give my two cents about the latest patch, see if the devs want my input. For the most part, it’s praise, so feel free to pat yourselves on the back. These are my personal opinions on balance changes and new content.
(+) Means a good change.
(-) Means a negative change.
(/) Means an unsure or mediocre change.


  • While it was fun to stack the drones, it needed to go. Good change.
  • Haven’t noticed the change to the mininuke, but sounds good on paper and hasn’t broke my game so that’s good.
  • Shield Drone health reduction is a godsend, not sure if it was a big enough reduction yet but so far so good.
    / The jetpack thrust thing seems to be a good change, TBH never noticed much of a difference…
  • There is a bug where if the monster knocks you back, abducts you, or does anything to you where you are moved while the jetpack boost is on you, it drains the booster as if you were dodging but obviously you can’t if you are flying through the air or tongue grabbed.
    In summary, good changes. One thing I would like to see is maybe giving the shield drone it’s original health back, but make a decently long time between building a new one. Right now even with diminished health it’s super easy to just spam them.

/ I honestly don’t understand the reasoning behind this. I mean, Hyde is my favorite character and I love to play as him, but the toxic grenade slow wasn’t a big deal. IF anything, his flamethrower was the only thing that needed a buff. I’ll wait and see if it majorly impacts gameplay, but so far the only problem I have is that sometimes it prematurely detonates.


  • Shrapnel Grenades are honestly the least used part of his kit, maybe this will help it out. I think Torvald is in the camp of vaguely OP but with a good winrate ala a certain spunky medic, so I don’t know if he will get a nerf in the future to his damage but I would love to see what you com up with.


  • Val is almost perfect. All she needs is a slightly better medgun and she will finally be able to compete with Caira. Well, at least be viable anyways. She can last much longer, I still find her to be a weaker medic than Caira, but now she doesn’t die immediately so good work.

/ Okay, so the spore cloud was stupid in how difficult is was to figure out if you were in it or not. However, it was Slim’s only line of defense, so I feel mixed about it. I think he should have gotten a better self-heal with his heal burst, or maybe let the bug work on him as well.

Monster General
/ The monster in-fight stamina feels weird. There are times when I feel like I should have full but have none, others where I don’t need to use it but I have full. Not going to say good or bad yet.
/ The monster armor regen change is nice, but outside of a wraith it is unnoticeable.


  • Banshee Mines are now considered useful by myself. Even though this is technically a nerf, it makes them much more consistent. Before they would take 5-10 seconds to detonate, now they detonate more consistently.
    / Lightning Strike change is weird to me. Just have to get used to it I guess, but seems a bit too easy to dodge. However, a Kraken nerf is a Kraken nerf, i’ll take it.


  • I don’t notice a difference, guess that’s good.

Starter Perk Changes

  • Movement Speed is awesome.
  • Jump Height is AWESOME.
  • While I liked it in the past, the stamina thing had to be done.
  • Climbing Speed buff is cool I guess, honestly don’t notice a difference.
    / CDR change on monster makes sense, but I don’t think it needed a nerf on hunters. And also it seems to make my personal shield take longer to reload, is something up with that?
    / DMG Output change is weird IMO. It felt a tad bit weak to begin with, not I don’t think it is viable. However, now people will use other perks, so it evens out I guess.
  • The Armor Regen change saddens me greately. I was really excited to use it, but it’s almost unnoticeable. Even on wraith I can’t recommend it, I would try to make this perk at least 150/175-200% instead, because at 100% extra I can’t really tell.

Animal Perk Changes

  • All around good. Not much to say here.

New Maps
I find this hilarious, because the one I thought I would hate I love and the one I thought I would love I hate. One of them is this sort of refinery or slagtown, can’t remember the name sorry. It’s a small map width wise, but has a lot of up and down and I love it. The Mine map I have a strong distaste for, it’s way too easy to locate the monster. My only problem with the former map is that Abe can completely lock down the monster, and Gobi doesn’t seem to work on certain parts of it.

Overall, fantastic patch! In summary, all I need now is a bit more Kraken nerfs, a Caira nerf, perhaps a minor Slim buff, and a better armor regen perk and I will be a happy fellow! Great work guys.


The reload perk is not working as intended, it makes your class special ability take longer to reload, so don’t use it for now, Devs are now working on that and other stuff so I trust them and good point btw, I agree with the Slim buff


Hyde’s toxic grenade needing fixing because if you are playing with either or noob or a bot, Hyde throws a grenade the second he sees a monster, screwing hunters in hunt really bad, you get half a second of damage but you spend about 3 seconds navigating the smoke, giving the monster a huge head start if Hyde throws it