TItanfall Titans vs. The Monsters - THE SEQUEL


Who would win in a fight between a Titanfall Titan vs one of the monsters? Now, this thread has been made before, but since it was made, there have been many changes to both games! You can include any variations of the Monsters, as well as the new Titans announced for Titanfall 2. Now, here’s the digs!


TITAN: Accelerator Chaingun, Vortex Shield, Cluster Missile.
MONSTER: 2 in Flame Breath, 2 in Rock Throw, 2 Leap Smash.

Okay, so the reason I chose Atlas is because he is the most balanced of the Titans, and that accelerator chaingun would SHRED Goliath’s armor like nobody’s business. The Vortex Shield would block the Rock Throw, and the cluster missile would spread over an area to make sure that he doesn’t escape the blast.

For Goliath, the Flame Breath is there to bypass the Vortex Shield, and the Rock Throw to punch through the Titan armor after the Vortex Shield is gone. Leap Smash onto the Titan after the shields are down, and just go to town on that sucker till it breaks.

#Winner: ATLAS
Atlas, from my experience in the Titan as well as playing Goliath, would win because his Accelerator would allow a large spread of the bullets to cover an area that Goliath leaped to, instead of worrying about Goliath dancing around me. The VS would block one of Goliath’s main attacks (hopefully), the Rock Throw, and finally, Cluster Missile can kill all the feeding in an area that Goliath could be trying (though that might just give him more food…)

#Make your own fights!
They don’t need to be as detailed as mine, but who do you think would win? Wraith vs Stryder, Behemoth vs. Ogre, etc!

Now enjoy these comics as you create one of the most epic gladiator fights in the galaxy


Wrong. Goliath wins.


Why? 10char


Because a couple of people with machine guns and a couple of RPGs can take down an atlas in about 10-20 seconds.

Goliath at stage 1 can eat 150 rockets from our residential super soldier.


#I’m just gonna put this here.


Titans would win, unless it is a Kraken. Because they can just go Nuke Ejact.

Ps leave a like.


Nuke eject?

The range on that is like 10 feet, an ogre can dodge it point blank, and that thing is all kinds of slow, I doubt a stryder could outpace one of evolve’s monsters.

A stryder has the ability to sprint at 8.3 m/s, walking at 5.7

Monsters walk at 6.5 m/s, and can traverse terrain far better than the lumbering titans. Behemoth is the most comparable to a titan in terms of mobility, and he rolls at 15 m/s, almost double the speed of the fastest titan.

It’s interesting that titans and monsters have comparable in game health numbers.
Ogre has 10 500 health and 2250 shield.
Behemoth has 11 000 health and 4000 armor at stage 1.


I would think that Goliath would win, between his speed and mobility compared to the Atlas’ is far better, the Goliath may be smart enough to back out before the nuke eject, since they are said to be smarter, or just ask smart as people. It’s said they can also break through the hull of a ship, a Titan can’t be much stronger


To be honest its a bit hard to believe that the monsters can stand a chance against the titans especially the new ones. Though as we’ve seen the the intro to the game, goliath can take an orbital barrage and keep going like nothing happened. But at the same. Time the ion, flame, and kong fu sword titans seem like big problems


Maybe I should make it 4 Titans vs 1 monster :joy:

What I think balanced out that armor vs shield is that the shield recharges in about 7 seconds, while the Behemoth has to go feed up before reengaging. Would also be interesting if the pilot hopped out and helped with his AT Weapon alongside his Auto Titan


True - hunters using 5.56, 7.62, and small arms lasers can take down a monster pretty quick, imagine what a .50 Chaingun or a 40mm cannon would do xD

Or, amplify Markov’s tesla gun 15x to match ARC cannon!


@Matthew, I SUMMON THEE!

Any input on if the Monsters have some hidden ability or something that would give them a significant leg-up on a Titan?


@IanBreaker would it not make more sense to use the new TitanFall’s Titans for this?


Why not a stage three Goliath?


because the titans are made of Megabloks.


I feel like he’s wanting the Goliath to lose. Shouldn’t they both fight at their peak performance?


Already had that in there! :bucket_salute:


I would make one but I have no experience with Titanfall so I can’t :stuck_out_tongue: :frowning:


Well theres hanks orbital lazer drill (i think thats what its called) to be honest i think I’d have thr same effect as the barrage but maybe a bit more hurtfull and thats it. So maybe titan weapons still wont be as effective?


If I were writing it, I would give each side some interesting surprise for the other.


You totally need to post around the forums more often :smiley: