Titanfall Double KO



It’s really funny wish something like this would happen to me again in Evolve.

In case video above is broken: https://vid.me/LEvb


It bothers me that you were using the worst Titan weapon in the game. :stuck_out_tongue: Though I’m a huge fan of the Stryder, especially with a good old XO Chaingun, Accelerator and all.

I also used the Smart Pistol though, so I feel like I’m not allowed to talk. :stuck_out_tongue:


thats the best weapon, because it can clear frickin checkpoints… and it did so much titan damage. depends on the mode ofc. last titan standing this is garbage… true :smiley:


I loved the chaingun. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: And I hated when people trashed talked the Stryder. To be honest it was the best of the chassis. The Ogre was just noob friendly and the Atlas was too jack off all trades-ish. :stuck_out_tongue: With a Stryder I could run circles around the fat ones and demolish them, and you were a god against infantry.


well… yeah but he broke ctf in pubs xD that was no fun against someone who is good…
the chaingun was amazing, yes. but no splash damage was an issue for me. I liked shooting pilots of my own back with the mine launcher.


True, true. :stuck_out_tongue: Although the splash sometimes hurts your own Titan a fair bit, especially if your shields were low.

As for Pilot weapons, the Smart Pistol was my favorite, by far. :stuck_out_tongue:


not if you shot straight up into the air. then it only hits the pilot on your back :wink:

i was pissed at that gun, for me it did never seem to work right but other killed me in 1 second. I mostly used the carbine or the smg. far more versatile for me… i should play again.

wanna come along later?


Mayhaps. I just have to like reinstall Origin first. :stuck_out_tongue: And then pray that I jotted down my account details… >.>


no hurry. i am not home yet… so later that evening or tomorrow. i kind of liked the game, didnt know why i quit playing it… weird.


found the noooooob


I think using the SP effectively took more skill than spraying your pleb carbine. :stuck_out_tongue: It took tact to use. Had to be VERY careful- come face to face with anyone and you’re dead. :stuck_out_tongue: It felt like being a ninja, abusing parkour to dodge long enough for the pistol to lock on, always being stealthy, cautious, etc. :stuck_out_tongue:


true… for me i am more a twitch shooter, so the lockdown didnt work for me. i had to always use decrease lockdown timer and was happy as i had the achievement. the smartpistol seemed like op but really wasn´t. the range was garbage and in cqc it got blown out of the water by smgs.


Sounds like someone’s needs to…




Yarp, I hated SMG users with a burning, fiery passion. They could just spray and kill me too quickly. ;-; Of course I learned to adapt by luring them into tight spaces and just wallhopping all around. :stuck_out_tongue:

@rcsrex I have nerve damage in my hand, makes it extraordinarily hard to aim. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well jeez thanks for making me look like a bad guy now… ;-;


you did that on your own lol…




the aogre is anything but noob friendly, he’s like the behemoth of the game. everything just runs around in circles around them. Ogre also is the the most situational titan chassis be ause pf its squishyness. it might require more health in future reincarnation.


I feel like it does need more health to be viable. Most people just sucked at fighting Ogres. Atlases were the biggest threat to me, personally, because of that DAMAGE CORE. :stuck_out_tongue: Could literally kill you in seconds.


oh yeah… damage core and chaingun. everything just melted <3

i think at the start i always used the autocanon, but it did get nerfed right?

ohhh i know why i quit… the stupid addon while the game had still such a bad matchmaking .