Titanfall 2 || Post Release Megathread


Titan hunter looks like it might be worth taking now.


:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: to Scorch’s new Tempered Plating (It sounds so freaking cool)

:thumbsup: to Ronin Sword Block Nerf, Scorch Buffs, Titan Hunter buff, maybe Arc Rounds effectiveness vs Thermal Shield nerf, Monarch XO-16 capacity buff

:thumbsdown: to Monarch Energy Siphon nerf (If I had guess why it was nerfed it would be all the Ronin mains whined about it instead of trying to fight it), Arc Rounds effectiveness vs Vortex Shield (We’re seriously buffing Ion now?!), Legion Hidden Compartment nerf (What the heck? Why? It was fine), Overcore nerf (Seriously Respawn? There was literally nothing wrong with Overcore), no L-STAR or Charge Rifle Elite warpaints

Overall, this patch seems average. We’ll see tomorrow if it is or not.


I find it very hard to choose the other kits when Hidden Compartment is as good as it is. That’s a lot of burst damage on a titan focused around consistent damage.


I’m in literal tears when I read this. I’ve been asking for so long for this to happen. Thank you Respawn, you guys just earned so much more respect and love from me. Thank you for finally making the change that’s been plaguing the game.


Ion already destroys Monarch as is so I don’t understand that nerf at all.

Also I’m a little peeved about no nerf to the 201-101. It is far to accurate and fast. Only 2 shots register on screen and speakers before you die and you cant react to it.


But when would you want to use both charges back to back? Unless you are behind someone or they are unaware of your presence, you’ll want to save that second charge for later or if a Titan’s getting too close.

I agree. She destroys Legion too. If anything was going to happen to Ion I was expecting either the Laser Core nerf to be undone (it was so small that you won’t notice the difference, you’ll still have the same outcome when using it) or for the Vortex Shield to use more energy.


I blow through both when given a chance. It rips apart a titan. If its just you and the other titan might as well. You want to kill as fast as possible.


So do I. Especially if it’s a Legion or Scorch. But it’s a multi-Titan fight I’ll save the second charge. If it’s Ion then you’re screwed unless she doesn’t have enough energy for her shield.


The shoulder laser nerf just shows how strong her vortex shield is.


I’m talking about the core though, not Laser Shot. But still, her shield is powerful. Especially when it’s amped.


Oh I know. Its just another problem with Ion I have noticed. He needs to be toned down in more than just laser shot.


Vortex needs longer cooldown in between uses for once. I fucking hate the bitch when I’m playing NS and I need to play chicken with her.


Considering the damage it can do I think it shouldn’t last as long to go with a bigger cooldown.


In long range mode and I can secure 2 hits of a high damage shot.
If Ronin is too close I an double knock him away.
If there are titans grouped up and close I can close range blast them all, it’s basically a shotgun.
It’s not that unheard of to use both charges. And why wouldn’t I take this kit over walking while the gun is spooled up, or smart core last longer which relies on getting the core first.
The only other kit I really consider is the gun shield health increase since that can help with surviving, unlike extra ammo which requires staying in the line of sight of enemies for longer for it to work.


yes finally a dash for Scorch now i can use Overcore on him :stuck_out_tongue:

The Scorch buff sounds interesting cant wait to test them ^^


Except they can hear the sound of the Power Shot charging up and might even be able to see the barrel of the Predator Cannon glow and they will dodge it. Unless they are dumb enough to regroup or don’t try to dodge, you won’t be getting multiple Titans with the close range power shot more than once.


Titan brawl cam be very, interesting when it comes to player intelligence.
You’d be suprised how slow people are to react, even if the loudest titan is walking behind them about to shoot them. (Both ally and enemy)


I pumped 4 rounds of Tracker Rockets into this guy’s back and he never noticed. Must have been silenced rockets


Wow. I always notice the notification my Titan gives when someone’s locking on to me and know a Tone is behind me.


People get tunnel vision.
Got to take advantage of it.