Titanfall 2 || Post Release Megathread


Holy crap those kits sound awesome!

I do not like Free Agents at all. It’s basically Pilots vs Pilots. It’s way too hard to collect three batteries in one go for a Titanfall. If your Titan Meter didn’t reset upon death I’d like it more. Guess I’ll be sticking with just Titan Brawl then until Iron LTS becomes permanent. Then I’ll play both of those modes.

What is with Titan Brawl today? I was getting my behind kicked because there were so many players that were Gen 5 and above. I was finding Gen 20s and 30s. Most people were at least Gen 10. I’m only level 50 (haven’t regened yet because I’m saving up 200 credits so I can instantly unlock Monarch and keep her after each regen, I don’t want to wait until Level 20 to unlock her each time. Is there a faster way to earn credits? I’m currently at like 160.) Was everyone else just trying out Free Agents because it was a new mode, the 2XP (which should NOT be exclusive to free agents), or both?

Hidden Compartment for Legion is so fun it shouldn’t be allowed to exist. I love melting health bars with two Power Shots. Ronins and Northstars are nearly doomed when I attack them.


I wonder if origin access might have something to do with this. This is the highest count we had since near launch.


Keep forgetting I have this game… -,-

/reinstalls origin


Install it to the taskbar and forget no more!


DLC 7!!! Hype Core activated!

Hopefully another 2XP week and we get to high five the MRVN on the dropship. I feel bad when he gets sad because no one high fived him.


Bois get ur friends ready we gonna go defend the frontier.


Plot twist, it’s just a map, new faction, balance changes, and then a new execution.
(Sarcasm, I am very excited for Frontier Defense, whatever is in that teaser, new execution, etc. I also really hope we get a new gun in the game, it’s been so long since we’ve had a gun since the Wingman Elite (I don’t count the R101 since their is no difference between the R201, so it is just a skin).


Every time I see someone type this I read it like you would in bois d’arc.

Also I am hyped for new DLC. I hope for another titan or more pilot abilities.


Frontier Defense is here along with the new maps Rise(for normal multiplayer) remastered for TF2 and Township for Live Fire.
Also there are now Elite Warpaints for weapons that are made specifically for each weapon to change how they look.
Also limited time titan warpaints and insignia from Frontier Defense that reflects the highest difficulty you have beaten.


That Legion camo looks so cool! I’m hoping warpaints become enabled for Prime Titans in this update. Why aren’t they?

July 25th is also my stepdad’s birthday! That’s pretty cool that DLC 7 for Titanfall 2 comes out on my stepdad’s birthday.

Also it’s not Relic, it’s Rise.




Next week is release.


New stuff coming. Guess I’ll try to buy the Titan Warpaint and Pilot weapon packs day 1. My main focus is the Titan Warpaint pack because they’ll be taking it out of the store forever on August 28, 2017, but I’d like to get both. Hopefully they are around $4-6 like the rest of the DLC weapon and warpaint packs.


These skins look so cool, I might actually purchase some!


I want these skins but they’re a dick to buy in Malaysia. Not the money, the payment method. ugh.


Gais ask all the question.


I love that they said Frontier Defense isn’t the last DLC drop.


Why would they? Game is still going strong.


Well. My Origin account got hacked by a tool in India. I can play my games and he doesn’t seem to have touched anything but he deleted my friends and I cannot change my personal data.

No wonder Origin gets the shaft from gamers, its countermeasures against this sort of thing are atrocious. And now, if he ever decides to enter my account, I have to check my mail to constantly change my password.

Hope I will get to play FD with my bro when we are on different pcs. Till then, T 2 will be entering stasis mode.


That sucks. I hope you get everything worked out.