Titanfall 2 || Post Release Megathread


I am gonna keep on sucking up to Titan Brawl.

You know what the best thing about Titan Brawl is ?



This I literally stopped playing when TB was taken out because the pilot combat was getting too toxic for me.


Do you take a lot of damage? I would think that the Ronin is either attempting to flee or spamming the melee button.


Not as much as you would think. Most Ronins follow the pattern below:

Melee after emptying Leadwall at close range followed by Arc Wave followed by melee. Most players tend to run everything empty without worrying about defense. Which is a big mistake cause Ronins are veeeeeery fragile.

Problem with Ronin’s melee is that it doesn’t have pushback. And despite what it may look like, it does the exact same damage as a regular punch.

If a Ronin that is NOT under the effects of sword core is in your face and you have the 5 way splitter equipped, do not melee him out of range but simply dash backwards. Bring your shield up to soak up a bit of damage from the lead wall, dodge the incoming arc wave and let him have it with the alt-splitter rifle mode.

The reason why you want Ronin up close is because Ion’s projectiles can miss if she is far away. If all 5 of em hit him continuously and nail some critical shots, Ronin’s health will plummet like an anchor during freefall.


I can’t say i ever experienced a gameplay element that would make me quit the actual game.


This is assuming the Ronin follows that pattern exactly, and doesnt retreat and wait for his cooldowns using phase dash and sword block like a good player.


Then you must have come across more skilled Ronin players than I have.


I played Ronin for the first time today after so many weeks of Scorch and Monarch. I cant even touch poor Scorch right now. He needs serious help.

Surprisingly I was wrecking up LTS and Titan Brawl as Ronin. I was managing to do 2v1 battles today and come out on top ready to fight something else. Not sure what happened to align the stars the way they were but it was a good Ronin day.


Scorch is the ‘Complex Titan’ for me as of late. There is no other map that might promote his play in my book. Poor guy, he is awesome but in need of a fix :stuck_out_tongue:


WTF just happend
i think im done whit my life now this is the weird thing i hv ever seen in Titanfall O.O


That Northstar just blew up randomly. What the heck? Why?


The weird Thing of this the Killcam says " Fall " so he was falling O.O
Me and my friend was laughting so hard after seen this xD


German scorch speaks with authority… 0-0


Titanfall 2 DLC 7 confirmed: The Scorchening. Everything in the DLC is related to Lord Scorch. Bow before him.


If only. He is my favorite right now but so damn bad.


I like them all equally. At first, I thought I’d be a Legion main, but all seven Titans are fun to play. I wouldn’t like just playing as one. I want to fight with all seven.


In order of most play time to least I have
Ronin at 2 days plus
Scorch at almost 2 days
Monarch at a day or so now
Legion at around 16 hours
Northstar at 10 hours
Ion at 6 hours
and poor Tone at 11 minutes.


My Most played Titan is Scorch whit Gen 27
followed by Ion Gen 10 , Northstar Gen 8, Ronin Gen 8 , Legion Gen 7 , Tone Gen 4 and Monarch Gen 3 :stuck_out_tongue:


Only Scorch, Ronin, and Monarch are over gen 1. Northstar is getting close to gen 2. Poor Tone is level 4. Man I hate him. He isn’t even fun to play for me.


What about Ion and Legion?