Titanfall 2 || Post Release Megathread


Apparently me and my bro playing online and on the same team raises the matchmaking so much we keep getting our asses handed to us.


is it just me or is Scporch very buggy since the Update ? everytime i use my inferno shield i still get the damage from Legions Powershot -.-


Still waiting.


Monarch is so broken she is like a Ion whit the damage of a Legion she needs a nerf badly

her only good counter are legion and Tone


Personally I feel like outside of Titan Brawl she really isn’t that good.

I think she’s a really polarizing Titan.


on last titan standing she is very broken i hv see alot Monarch who has make 4 kills alone in 1 round


I never have problems with her, but could be because I only run Legion and Ion in LTS. She hard counters Scorch and Northstar, and if she has Malestrom Ronin can’t touch her.


What needs to be fixed is melee.

When all else fails and I am at a distance, people just teleport in my face. I hate, hate, HATE IT.


I don’t feel that at all. She needs to upgrade to be on the same level as the other titans and she has to be fighting to do that so she is fighting very weak for the majority of LTS.


Just in case anyone cares at all, I do stream this game from time to time.

Not that I’m any good, but I try :smiley_cat:


I just want Titanfall + Evolve.
Monster vs Mech


Hunters use huge Titan Mechs to hunt very huge ( maybe like Godzilla ) Monsters :stuck_out_tongue:

i dont know why but now im thinking about it i really would love to see that O.O TRS and RESPAWN u must work together and make that Game !! xD


This would truly be glorious. With Bucket as a faction leader and EMET as an OS my life would be completed.


High time to kill mode is here. Most pilot weapons have less damage.
Also stim has less effect, phase has 1 charge only, and i believe grapple has a longer cooldown.


I played 10 games and loved it its really great to see Respawn take a chance at something that many have asked for and complained over in the past, this being something that Respawn will continue to work on in the future is really promising to get even better.
…but pilot melee is still a disgusting piece of shit. So I stopped playing after that, 10/10 would keep playing if pilot melee wasn’t such an asshole. People are just running around kicking each other in the nuts and pussay from 25 meters away instead of having gun fights.
I’ll bunker down until it gets fixed or FD comes around. Good mode.


After playing some high TTK last night I must say I really like the game mode. Seems to me like it rewards skill much more than it does luck.


Apparently, 3rd weapon slot is not just for Frontier Defense. That’s good :slight_smile:

Also, something called Free Agent is coming. You’re running solo. Kill enemies and collect 3 batteries for a Titanfall.



I’m enjoying High TTK but I’m sort of confused by the game modes they chose. I feel like it should be mainly PvP for actual testing purposes.