Titanfall 2 || Post Release Megathread


Apeth Titan (Attack on Titan fans will get this) confirmed! I really hope it’s BT. He was so awesome in the campaign!


Apeth Titan, BT, what?


The loadout: Primary > AT > Secondary.


This, the post I replied to (i thought?). I already know about the new loadout, I’m happy about it.


Oh it’s a Pilot loadout? I thought a new Titan was being hidden. I’m glad you can carry an anti-Titan weapon and a secondary weapon. I didn’t like how TF2 made you choose. TF1 didn’t.

@BearStream I didn’t know about it until today. I just saw some feet and body being covered so I instantly thought “new Titan”.


Quite the leap.
Also we already have BT, it’s the Monarch chassis that was copied from the Vanguard chassis which is what BT is.


Hopefully we get a BT pack that gives us his skin and voice for Monarch. It’d be weird hearing a female BT instead of a male.


I don’t get it. What am I supposed to see in the monitor, all I see is a pilot loadout that I cannot make out.



3 Weapons slot for Pilots we can use 3 Weapons as a Pilot


More specifically it’s the loadout system from the original game, 1 primary, 1 anti titan weapon, and 1 secondary.


I’ve heard rumours (rumours = code found in the game) of a horde mode / frontier defence mode being added in. Presumably the new loadouts will be for that and not regular matchmaking.


people have also datamined that the TTK will be increased to be more like in the original game.


Respawn has officially arrived to EA PLAY!


So the E3 event was just to announce a free trial for the game. Recommend everyone trying it out when you have the chance.


I changed my FOV for the game.

Feels like I am moving after snorting meth on crystal meth. Way faster and I think I have nailed down the skiing mechanic.

Also, seeking a bit of advice. My bro might have a slight problem with the game because of the pace of it. It gives him vertigo and a bit of dizziness. Anyone else have that ?


Can’t say I experienced that at all.


Ask him if a real pilot would get dizzy, that’ll put him in his place. Did Jack Cooper let the IMC destroy the Militia because his tummy was hurting?

(no serious answer I’m afraid. I’ve never had a problems playing the game)


Ask him if its when he’s a pilot or titan. You would think plying as a pilot could give some people motion sickness or vertigo affect due to the errotic movement.


Prices in Amazon, since I don’t know what console you have:

Standard PS4: $22-24. Amazon themselves says it’ll take 1-2 months to ship, so I’d order from a third-party seller.

Deluxe PS4: $28

Vanguard PS4: $250

Backpack bundle: $116

Standard PC: One listing for $31, the rest are $40+.

Standard XB1: $15-23 for a new one.

Deluxe XB1: $31

Backpack bundle XB1: $117

Standard XB1 Steelbook: $55 (you will get the steel and normal case)

Vanguard XB1: $190

If you don’t go for a bundle, then the game is pretty cheap. Heck, there’s a free trial on all three platforms until the 18th. For PS4, you have to download it, but for XB1 and PC, you have to be a part of either XBL Gold or have an Origin account.


Hey, thanks for the detailed reply.

Sadly, I’m on PC, and it doesn’t get much cheaper than that, and currently I don’t have the money to buy it. I’ve really never had the money to buy full price games, heh. The most expensive game I’ve bought is Rainbow Six: Siege, for like 18 dollars. Most of the rest I’ve bought on Steam sales, bundles, etc.

I’m definitely saving up to get this game, though. When it goes on sale, that is.