Titanfall 2 || Post Release Megathread


So true. Infinity Warfare’s movement system is just a poor knock off of Titanfall’s :joy:


First game is ours. I’d say you did pretty good. You got first place.


That was a close game! It’s so weird watching me as the bad guy basically.


Man, every time I see this thread I cry a little.

I really like this game, I tried the demo during the free weekend but I’m freaking BROKE. I loved wall running, jumping, the grappling hook, and the shooting mechanics. It’s like the closest thing I’ll ever get to the dynamic movement mechanics of Evolve. And the titans daaamn.

I was a bit put off by the poor performance I got, but I found some optimization guides on YouTube and I figured I could actually get it to work decently, but the price tag is still a bit daunting :sob::sob:


Stick to the back alleys and only hit the center of the map after you upgrade your core. Imagine Monarch as a long range Ronin until she upgrades and an Ion/Tone when she does.


I’ll let you know whenever it goes on sale, does frequently


Man I just went on a rampage with Monarch! I was getting terminations left and right. I got her to level 17.


The game is full of Teabagger now -.-


Every first person shooter has always been full of tea baggers.


I was just playing Bounty Hunt and I went on a spree with Monarch too. Once I cored a third time shit just fell apart in front of me.

Had over 700 dollars to bank by the time I had to eject. Which is the highest I’ve ever banked in one go. I was so close to get killed by someone corner camping the site, thankfully he tried to Melee me from about 6 feet away


What core upgrades are people using for Monarch? Currently using Missile Racks, Rearm and Reload and Superior Chassis.

The third Core One upgrade seems useless and the two other Core Two upgrades seem useless. Or am I just thinking about them the wrong way?

And the First Core 3 Upgrade is confusing me. When it says heavy armored targets, does that mean Titans or just Legion and Scorch?


All titans and reapers too I believe.


How much does it usually cost when it goes on sale, though?


Lowest I’ve seen is 20 dollars, but could drop lower as the game gets older.


Arc Bullets, Maelstrom, and Superior Chassis.

Arc Bullets and Superior Chassis are a must. I also have never seen a Titan run away from Electric Smoke so fast when I have Maelstrom activated.


Maelstrom is brutal. I love saving my smokes and then backpedalling as another titan rushes towards me (usually for the execution) whilst popping the smokes. I’ve managed to almost kill a full health Ronin with this method.


I like Missile Racks over Arc Rounds, depending on the rest of the build. I feel that they are both viable.


I prefer draining Vortex and Thermal Shields over extra missiles.

Man, Monarch is awesome! She’s so fun to play. I love her. I never thought the first thing I’d say that to would be a video game robot. I don’t mean it like that, but still.


Scorch really needs a buff he has so many Problems now sure u can stilll make some kills but whit all of this Monarchs he is very hard to play now


Funny story, I was Monarch in Titan Brawl on Homestead and I got terminated by a Ronin. He then proceeded to teabag me. So when I respawned and terminated him, I returned the favor. But the funny part was when he respawned. Oh man was he salty! He made a beeline for me. Another Titan then proceeded to kill me. The Ronin almost got the termination off, but he was too slow. I thought it was hilarious that he was salty. He teabagged me, so I teabagged him back. If he didn’t want me to do it to him, he shouldn’t have done it to me.