Titanfall 2 || Post Release Megathread


FTFY MATE. (ps I don’t know how to do a strikethrough.)


Scorch has always been weak compared to the others but I can do well with him.


He has some great suggestions on how to improve Scorch.


Putting him on an Atlas seems like a bit of a stretch. But I do wish that respawn isn’t so wishy washy about adjusting balance unlike the first game, almost eight months in Scorch is still trash NS still has terrible QoL, smgs still brokenly op at range and not to mention unnecessary (unneeded) nerfs/buffs.
The only significant meta change are the tone and ion nerfs with the devotion.


I’d love to see more durability from Scorch. Plus I think a direct hit from Scorch’s primary should do so much more damage.


Yeah I wouldn’t mind if they compensated buffing direct damage with reduced aoe damage.


He addresses my biggest complaint. The fact that scorch kills himself as fast as he does the enemy. I don’t know why they decided scorch needed to burn himself.

I think scorch would go up a tier of they just made him immune to his own fire.

Edit: Imagine how could he could be if he just laid down fire and walked through it to keep the pressure. It would allow him to keep up damage which he needs to do.


Did anyone know overcore affects all three of Monarchs upgrades. So once you upgrade you already have 30% for your next upgrade


Yes that’s practically required of her to use.


His self damage can be mitigated through careful zoning, it seems. I am just beginning to experiment with him and one of the crucial things to keep in mind is to not flame carpet the path you are about to use to hunt someone down. Changed my whole mentality regarding Scorch and altered my playstyle for the better.


I know how to play him. I’m just saying if he could he would be so much better.


I agree. I think that was incredibly stupid. His entire team should be immune to his thermite. The thermite launcher should have more than one round. His Flame Core should automatically leave a trail of thermite. The thermite launcher should drip fire (like when it’s fired, small pieces of thermite will go flying). We would need two more kits though. One could increase the damage of his thermite. The other could affect Firewall, like increasing it’s length.


I think fire wall already has that.


Pretty sure it has an increased duration kit. Unless he means an extra range kit when he says “Length”


I saw length and interpreted it as time. At least I assume that’s what he means. It’s already super long in distance.


Ronin Prime IS THE SHIT. The animation is really cool when you see it up close :stuck_out_tongue: Problem is, it’s bugged. It has the sound effects of OG Ronin’s execution.

Glad Titan Brawl is back. It’s a shame they decided to bring it back on the same week Monarch launched cause that Titan is super hard to kill in that mode. He is the only one able to generate shields via execution and that needs further testing as to how it can be mitigated.

Also, this:


I only watch a portion of that video, it just made me mad that Titanfall isn’t as popular as it deserves :sob:

As for Monarch, maybe I just don’t know how to play her, I feel like she’s ridiculously fragile in Titan Brawl because she relies on her Energy attack to have any defense. I’ve found that Legion’s SHRED her, as does Tone because it’s almost impossible to block her rockets.


Every time I see this thread updated I’m like… Oh yeah, I have this game…


It may be long, but other players can easily see when Scorch activates Firewall and will back up or move to the side, avoiding all the damage. Increasing the range will make it harder to back up to avoid the fire. You can still move to the side.

@BreezyStarfish17 It’s simple. Too many COD and BF fanboys who refuse to play another FPS. I mentioned Titanfall 2 at my school one time and said it was better than COD and a few other kids who were close by said that TF was weird and I had problems. Yet they praise Infinite Warfare a lot, which is also a futuristic space FPS, just without 15 foot tall robots.


That can be said for anything in the game. I dodge most tone missiles stepping to the side and letting them hit the wall.