Titanfall 2 || Post Release Megathread


i jusr have say it is annoying but didnt have say anything from that her Shield is to strong or need a nerf
The only thing that needs a nerf and make Ion so strong and annoying to fight is her Laser Shot :stuck_out_tongue:


Vortex shield should’ve come with a delay in between using them. Nothing crazy, 1-3 seconds before being able to use it again should do the trick.


So Hyped O.O


While abusing Laser Shot is the way to get ahead with Ion, you better hope that you are at a reasonable distance while doing it and not on your own. Without cover and on low energy, Ion has a pretty horrible defense to compensate for her offensive capabilities, which is the main reason I defend her as a Titan. Using your energy for two shots forces you into hiding INSTANTLY because her weapon has a hard time dealing damage even against pilots.

With the exception of Legion, her shield is next to useless against any other titan. Tone will hit you with his 40mm, Scorch will tank your shots, Ronin will be up in your face, Northstar will be at the edge of the map. Not to mention VS gets drained in 1 second against Salvo Core and Laser Core.

I also don’t think she is a better sniper than NS. Not even close. NS’s plasma railgun has a ridiculous range. Ion’s Laser Shot also has range but nowhere near as big as NS’s.

Besides the obvious zoning capabilities, the best way to use is when a titan is up in your face. Toss it behind him then punch him into it. You can also walk over your own tripwire.


I never said you said it was OP or needed nerfed


I mean, it doesn’t really zone since it can be destroyed faster than you can blink. And when you’re trying to throw it behind then punch them into it, they are shredding through your metal hide since most Titans that get that close to you will be Scorches or Ronins.


Using that TITANFALL 1 MUSIC YASS! The first game’s music was just so gud.


Yeah people aren’t liking the Ronin execution.



i really love it but the new Tone execution i better and damm i love Tone Prime Chassis O.O



It’s freaking sick!


I don’t like it. :frowning: basically its just his core sped up with no added flare and all the ultra unrealism.
It feels like a cop out to me.


Ok, guys maybe this has been posted, maybe it hasn’t.

Apparently, they are releasing a kit for titans that allows you to steal their battery if you execute them. I don’t know if this is for only for Monarch or not but it’s a nice idea that should increase the titan’s survivability. It also incentivises not leaving your titan in autopilot.

Now that the execution is rendered, I am feeling it a bit more. Cannot wait for May 30th !


So this only works if they already had a battery and were domed? Or does it spawn a battery as you execute them?


I don’t know. But since Titans ALWAYS have batteries in them ( the only occasion where the slot is empty is if you happen to be carrying a battery and you throw a grenade in there ), I would say it goes for every executable titan, whether he had his battery stolen or not.

My guess is they would also do something about the battery boost and it not being compatible with this execution or something.


I see no reason to do this. If I already had a battery and I’ve taken damage, I should be able to hop out of my titan and activate the boost to gain another battery and restore some health.


When you rodeo and they go into Nuke Ejact.




Best Update ever Ions Laser Shot Damage gets a nerf O.o Respawn really know what the Community want


Are you being sarcastic?


just get some Popcorn and read the Ion Changes :stuck_out_tongue: