Titanfall 2 || Post Release Megathread


Legion would like to have a word.


That ain’t no diaper. Legion is packing heat.


good bye Titan Brawl i will miss u and ur easy execution so much :sob: i really hope it will be permanent any time soon


I didn’t get to play it nearly enough. I am not enjoying Marked for Death like I was hoping I would either.


Titan Brawl was so awesome I Level up my Northstar from G4 to G8 and my Big bad Scorch from G13 to G18 xDD just the Assist System was stupid :stuck_out_tongue:


I just renewed my PS Plus too. I didn’t even get a chance to play. :sob:


I missed two full days.

I did just finally get my pulse blade execution today.


how do you not have it before?


It took a long time to get ten kills with the blade. I only had 4 to start with.


This game is burning me out. Also I just found out that Ronin can sword block 10 smartcores before dying.


Anyone see this stuff about Monarch? I’ve been seeing it about but I can’t verify whether it’s actually a thing or if people just made it up.


Yes it was a thing, people data mined the patch.


The new Prime Titan executons got leaked too ^^ some ppl hate it but damn i love Ronin Prime Execution O.O Scorch Prime still the best :stuck_out_tongue:


What!? Source?


r/titanfall should help out.



Tried Marked For Death for an hour the other weekend.

Bring back Titan Brawl. Like, yesterday. Mobbing on a certain player is not my cup of tea, especially when I AM said player and there is no possiblity of teaming up via microphone. All them dots converging on my ass was one of the, if not THE most stressing scenario in the game.

I am gonna have to see it full rendered and with full effects. I saw it, the swipes need A LOT more speed.


I’m a little disappointed in the “anime” styling of it. I was hoping for a more hardcore authentic execution. This new doesn’t fit the world I feel.

Which really sucks as I have been looking forward to this forever it seems. Tones execution looks awesome which is a shame as I never play Tone.


I agree. I survived being marked because I hid out and called in my Legion. Unfortunately, my teammates either couldn’t or waited calling in their Titan, and most of the enemy team called in theirs. And it wasn’t fun having a Ronin that just ran everywhere swinging his sword at my team.


I don’t think the anime feel will ever go away, mostly because of how Ronin’s broadsword is made. It looks way too much like a Buster Sword :stuck_out_tongue:

That being said, I could do without the Arc Wave finisher and cut the opposition in half instead.