Titanfall 2 || Post Release Megathread


No, I don’t see it anywhere in my menu for skins. Maybe it’s added through some DLC ? I don’t know, the only skins page with 3 skins only has a skin called Bullseye as the last option in Ion’s case. I don’t mind though, my Ion looks dope with the Dark Legion skin.

From the screenshot, yeah, I would say that your shield picked up Reaper rockets :slight_smile: Triple kill with them must have felt so satisfying !


Flamecore just took out three titans and a pilot.


Scorch’s Core is probably the one with the fastest recharge time depending on the situation. What map was the quadkill on, must have been tight corners.

Another useful Ion tip ! You cannot detonate your own Tripwire. Super helpful, simply drop it behind you and dash over it for some free damage :stuck_out_tongue:


It was Exoplanet. I was by the two towers looking down the alley between the two buildings.


that’s the warpaint skin, you get it from mountainjew codes.


I play Northstar all the time and I never, ever fail to kill a Legion. If you’re peeking properly he doesn’t have a fraction of the burst that you do.


I want Orisa as a titan lol


I can’t play worth jack shit last few days.

Lol just had two games spiked them back up.


I hated Exoplanet’s stupid orange lens flare, so I made it a stupid pink lens flare and now I hate it less.


How much i hate this dumb tower every time u get killed by a Devotion Camper on this at every range -.-


I love these guys ! It allows me to reenact a certain 300 scene :stuck_out_tongue:

Can I also say I love the messages Titans give you once you eject ? I got a new one today, ‘Second star to the right’. Respawn, you mad geniuses, you.


I got “A leaf on the wind” the other day. I could feel all the Firefly fans crying in anguish.


Even TF2 isn’t safe from this filth of humanity.


Evangelist? What’s wrong with them? You can always mute people.


The SMR is both extremely rewarding and extremely frustrating all at the same time.


couldn’t mute them, without muting the whole team. -_-


I remember that the first thing I would do in a MW 2 match, like EVERY match, would be to mute every single person of the enemy team then proceed to bust a predator up the enemy’s ass. Love the feature, made the game a lot more bearable. As for T 2, I don’t mute, I simply kill em and teabag em if there’s a camper or someone who destroys the chat with crap. Sends a much clearer message.


So who knew that starting late, playing like a moron and second guessing everything you do is all it takes to completely dominate a game?


Basically there is flow on the match and you are something new on the field and you proceed to mop the floor with them. Had a triple ambush with Ronin on complex. He was half dead afterwards but I got 3 titans for the price of 1.


Found this on twitch.

Curving the Kraber shot with gravity star. Does it twice!!!