Titanfall 2 || Post Release Megathread


I have been killed by more random grenades or other throwable objects in Live Fire then then I have been killed by them in every other game mode combined.


Then you have not played with me when I get in the nade mood.
I will kill both of us if that is what it takes.


In every Live Fire game I’ve played I’ve been killed by a stray grenade at least once :stuck_out_tongue:


I tend to see LF as ‘floor is lava’. I do better because of this.


So I don’t know if its just my imagination or not but the lowered limit of attrition to 450 is really shortening most of the games.

Not really liking it but what can ya do…


Nope, not just you. It makes the matches flow much faster but I like it that way.


I always enjoy a good romp through the mud. I would rather get into one game and play for as long as possible then jump between a lot personally.

I want some long ass slugfests.

Honestly I would love a mode that was just attrition but with a 20 minute timer and no score limit. When time runs out whoever has the highest points is the winner.


I may be wrong but isn’t that what Battlefield is like ? You should try that.

But on the other hand, no mechs there :sunglasses:

Also, I have been rocking Ion a bit and have gotten pretty good with sniping people through holes and energy management. Pro tip, never use the laser shot for pilots, always go with the Splitter Rifle ADS.


That’s the problem.

I wish Armored Core 5 didn’t die on launch… :weary:
Hopes AC6 will be awesome


I just want a new Zoids game.


Was there an old Zoids game?

The anime was pretty good.


Zoids: Battle Legends for the Gamecube was amazing. Its sequel was only released in Japan though.


Man, I just ambushed TWO LEGION Titans with Ion, Laser Cored the first one and Laser Shot the other one. Keeping your distance with her is super important and once you manage to get it right, in certain instances, even Ronin has trouble keeping up with you ! Some highlights !

  • I got rid of a rodeoing pilot by using Tripwire on Crash Site. They were high enough for their hitboxes to be within range and their hitboxes are big on their own.

  • I dumped a Tripwire behind a Ronin and punched him into it after it deployed !

  • I trapped a Tone choosing to go backwards after seeing 3 aiming beams coming out of my chest. Too bad it had a Tripwire behind it and he just fastened killing himself :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah Ion is just 1 of the most awesome and fun titan i already play her alot ^^ Killed 3 Pilots whit my Vortex shield muhahaha


Ηer laser shot makes her a very good stepping stone for Northstar. I am gonna try her next after I am done with Ion. 3 pilots with a single shield use ? How and on which map, I am really curious, did you use their bullets or did you pick up stray rockets from Reapers ?

Also, happy birthday :slight_smile:


i think it was some Reaper Rockets i dont know it was like 1 Month ago xD but i have save the screenshot ^^

in the right corner u can read Vortex Shield 3 times xD

and thanks ^^


I been using northstar a lot lately.

She is beast on Eden.


Northstar is very fun but she is sadly very weak against Tone and Legion and against Ronin on close range

and if u didnt have a good aiming its pretty hard to kill a Pilot xD


did any1 have see this new Skin ? O.O


She is great on LTS when it spawns you on the open field sore of Eden. Set between the trees and the building on the right and snipe for days. Tone can’t stop you without advancing and to do so will take most of his health.