Titanfall 2 || Post Release Megathread


is this real ? O.O and why Legion and not Ronin -.-


They’re first before them, the two already have files in teh game.


Prime Northstar looks the same…


No Ronin Prime ?!?!?! Why the . . . of all things to . . . FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUCK EVERYTHING !

Loved the datamined details though.


I am never playing another round of Live Fire. Fuck that game.


I play Titanfall 2 because of the epic titans, I was really disappointed when I saw that the new mode is another pilot vs pilot mode. :frowning:


Got to take into account the fact that some people like the Pilot movement and gunplay more than titan combat.
Can’t please everyone.


I like both of them, at the same time lol, that’s why I neither play Last Titan Standing nor Pilot vs Pilot mode, so yeah, I can’t wait for a mode that involves those two.


I love playing Scorch but my long distance aim with him was always lack luster at best. The simple fix of adding the arch line to firing has improved my Scorch game beyond measure.

I am a happy fire ogre.


I tried some rounds of LiveFire. Of all the Pilots only modes, this is probably my favorite one. Retold strategies, Ticks are like nukes here and you have to be really careful about where you choose to rush. The only reason I didn’t play it more is because it requires an entirely different mind setting than Attrition.


Its a decent mode but to me it just shows how fundamentally faulty and something similar to the C word the melee system is on the pilots are.


Video of prime NS and Legion.

Dat ass doe, legion is thick.


I’m seriously confused as to why Ronin is left out. Hopefully he shows up for the next update with the other two.


They release them in batches just like ion and scorch.
This time its NS and Legion, probably because they’re going to finish them first over anything. They’ve said that was how DLC was going to be released, junk that’s done first gets put out first.


Still makes me sad because he is before legion on the list.


look at it this way: they’ll have more time to make look more awesome than what we’re seeing with NS here.


That’s true.

For the execution, I’m hoping its a downward chop that gets stuck in the pilot chassis and he puts his foot on the head for leverage to rip it out.

I think that would be cool.

Also what is even different on NS because I don’t see it other than color?


What if instead he used his arc wave to cut off the limbs of the titan, then used phase shift to grab the pilot and crush them?


That could be neat.

Phase shift working two says also baffles me.

As a pilot it kills other pilots. As a titan it kills you. I know it’s for balance but that’s an inconsistency that bothers me.


A bit delayed, but I’m happy with the now-fixed new matchmaking. I can finally play other modes without being stomped by people who are miles better than me.

Except of course Life Fire. Because it’s not fun to be out-sniped by a CAR.

Devotion and Tone are still powerful, but are more manageable than before. No more Devo-sniping. Heh.

Also, personally I actually like the upcoming prime skins.