Titanfall 2 || Post Release Megathread


I’m just looking forward to putting nose arts on Prime Titans, my Scorch is going to be looking niiiiiiiice


Tfw you realize Xenoblade was putting humans into specially made giant robots before Titanfall did


Was Mech Assault doing it before Xenoblade?


Yes that is true I guess we could say it is the grandad of titanfall and face mechon in xenoblade.

######Also Xenoblade chronicles X but I don’t acknowledge that one cause it isn’t in the same universe


coighArmored Core cough


There are to many old games that involve piloting giant mechs


the update is finally here ^^ R.I.P Hemlock , Tone , Devotion Players we will ( never ) miss u :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m still going to play devotion. You can’t take it from me.

@Maximumlimit15 I believe armored core to be the first. At least on modern 3d consoles.


I actually don’t understand why people hate the devotion.

It sucks at close range. Any other gun at close range out fires it. You can shoot first and still lose.
It’s superb and medium range where it should be, and at long range It’s good but can be easily combated against.

At close to medium range any of the assaults rifles or smgs have you beat. It’s only op once you actually devote yourself to it and get it fully revved, but in a straight fight you die before that happens because those other guns don’t have a windup.


So I just played my first game after patch. I don’t think they actually needed anything.

Tone still kills me even though I’m out of LOS in a building. I still wreck people with the Devo. Game doesn’t feel any different.

Gave the MGL a try. The Nerf is very apparent there. It’s a load of trash.


I’ll be giving my opinion of the patch later today, just got off work


New matchmaking is worse than the old. I selected Attrition, LTS, Live Fire, and Bounty Hunt.

Instead of picking which one will get me into a game faster it arbitrarily picked Bounty Hunt which had 20 people playing. I waited three minutes for a match.

If I back out and click it again it arbitrarily searching a new mode. What it should do is out of my selected game modes, it should find the one with a spot for me and put me in. That would be ideal.


Mixtape isn’t working the way that it was intended to. Respawn has acknowledged that, they’ll probably fix it in the next couple weeks


I hope so. Because it’s screwed up right now.


I will see what I can do to get to a bigger Gen this weekend via Livefire. Anyone played it yet, what’s it like ?


I actually don’t like it.

I played it a lot today. Tried different kits out to get a feel for it. Its like a few seconds of PvP followed by waiting what feels like an eternity for the next round to start.

Granted I hate PvP so its no surprise I don’t like it.

It goes so fast I just cant find any fun in it. Even when I am winning its still not fun for me.

Stacks is a pretty bad map in my opinion and grenade placement is what wins you the game on that one it feels. The other one, Meadows I find to be a lot more fun personally.

I personally just cant understand why people want to make game modes that remove the titular piece of the game. The Titans. That’s just me though.


Lol damage wise the devotion is unchanged, they only added very-long range damage to it. Its still 40-35 close-mid range, with the added very-long range its 40-35-18.

  • Very far damage scaling added: used to be 40-35, is now 40-35-25
  • Damage scaling distances rebalanced: used to to be 125 ft - 112.5 ft, is now 137.5 ft - 112.5 ft - 93.75 ft
  • Base ADS spread raised from 0 globally to 0.4 standing, 0.2 crouching, and 0.5 in midair
  • First shot recoil raised from 0 to 0.5
  • Maximum recoil in ADS raised from 0.25 to 0.5

As people have noted its virtually the same weapon in most situations other than the very long range, which is good enough for me I guess. Less devotion sniping is good.


That last bit isn’t true. They wouldn’t have added the very long range damage value for it otherwise. It was like a sniper that fired like an assault rifle.

But that said though, I’m glad they haven’t went overboard with nerfing it across all stats.


Yeah mixtape is crap and not working as we initially believed it would.

If you have suggestions and feedback post them on the respawn thread or r/titanfall.

If you don’t have a reddit account and don’t want to bother with creating one, make one here and tag me. I’ll post them for you and tag a dev for you if I can.


Prime legion and NS.

I’m for reals in tears with how bad she looks.