Titanfall 2 || Post Release Megathread


because most of the money went into the crappy campaign.


It wasn’t crappy. :frowning:


It was better than expected but it wasn’t the best. I really had no idea what was going on story wise.


I agree, but “crappy”, I don’t think that’s the word for it, IMO.


Now the graphics inside the titan. That’s crappy.


Im assuming you’re joking seeing as how the 2 things are unrelated in terms of development.


Everybody! Hemlock nerf’s confirmed!!!


I don’t care whatever else they decide to do now. I’m happy.

This almost makes up for the nerf to my precious Devotion. (I really don’t think the Devotion is that bad. Its a fun weapon but easy to beat if your not brain dead.)


Wait Wait first Tone and Devotion now Hamlock ? O.O Respawn and Titanfall gets better and better :stuck_out_tongue:


Im the only one who has a Evolve feeling in Titanfall ? :stuck_out_tongue:

  • if u play as a Pilot u hunt the enemy Titans ( if they got 1 ) and want to kill them ( like the Hunters )

  • if u sit in ur Titan u are a huge OP beast that hunt the enemy Titans and Pilots to kill them ( like a Stage 3 Monster )

  • The Bots ( Reaper and . . … ) help u to max out ur Titan or Core Meter ( like the Wildlife if u play Monster )

EVOLVEFALL 2 confirmed


It was so boring and generic for me, I had really low expectations for it and still it made me felt like I was wasting my time playing it. XD

The was story was a generic Mary Sue character goes on a wild goose chase over a MacGuffin, villains are stupidly incompetent and filled with boring characters. No character development at all.

The only good thing about it was BT but we’ve already seen that in hundreds of buddy movies. XD

You could play the game in mute and it wouldn’t make a difference.

The pacing and the miss match of the levels were also bad, its just not a climactic story. There’s no acting structure to them.

Visually some of the stages are are absolutely beautiful.

That I can agree on.

I’m not joking, though I know that different teams worked on multiplayer. But I also knew that within the campaign different groups of teams worked on each level, which is why its kind of a cluster fuck. They’re beautiful but their structuring is terrible.



Praise the lawd.


But Hunters didn’t hunt hunters
Monsters didn’t haunt monsters
And killing non - elite wildlife didn’t benefit the Hunters.


Just a heads up everyone, Live Fire and all of its buffs and nerfs is going live tomorrow!


Beat me by 41 minutes! I was coming in to say this.


Tomorrow i hv think in March ? OMG wake me up O.O i really hope will get 2 new Prime Titans in the Update ^^


Ronin prime or die!





Just say on reddit, no new paid DLC. They said its the next update after this one. So no skins, prime titans or badges this time.


I was really looking forward to Prime Ronin :frowning: On another note, I will at least try Livefire, it looks super fast and furious.