Titanfall 2 || Post Release Megathread


President Trump comments on current state of Titanfall 2.


They bout to spill some tea on the next patch.


Check out these patch notes, makes me so excited!


Are they nerfing the damn hemlock yet?


According to the latest patch notes, no. They aren’t


That’s BS. As someone who uses the devotion frequently the hemlock can kill faster at any distances that I can.

It works at close range often being a one hit kill where the devotion needs to wind up. It works at long range better than the devo because again due to accuracy and the wild bouncing of the devos first few shots.

Also this makes me sad. I will miss the cheese. “Nuclear Eject damage no longer fills your Titan Meter.”

I like that they are shortening the blast radius of tones shots.



After i hv read the Nerfs of Tone and Devotion Respawn has make me to a very happy Girl :stuck_out_tongue:
Sadly still no Hamlock nerfs but i love that we can finally use nose arts on Prime Titans ^^

The Nuclear nerf makes me sad but its ok Noob Tone got nerfed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I wish they would tell us what the number we will get back from Nuclear Ejection now. For all we know we will only get 1%.


I believe it is nothing.


I hope not. You should get something for taking out a titan.


Why you used it on Northstar for some tether wombo combo? it’s okay we have turbo engine now. 3 dashes with 5 second cooldowns on then add opposed to 6 and 8 when using turbo engine.


you get score points at least and lols for knowing that tone pleb didn’t have enough time getting away.


I feel like giving nothing is pretty extreme from what it is currently. Maybe if they would have toned it down or something. Like 20% maybe?


or maybe 50%


That would also be fine.


35% maybe. 50% would still get people salty.


Limp Bliskit


This is now my screensaver, thank you so much :joy:


The graphics inside the titan bother me.

Why do the inside parts of the mechs have Playstation era graphics?