Titanfall 2 || Post Release Megathread


Ronins sword is truly magical.

Also hemlock needs a Nerf.


But in speaking about the titan pathways inside the colony, it is pretty tight.
There is the large open field though so that will be nice for the Northstars and Tones.


Found a good video that shows Colony in a good light for people stating out in Titanfall 2.

As you can see there are a lot of low roofs, tight walkways, there’s the sniper’s nest tower thing, and on the outside of the map is the large fields with more room.


I enjoyed the animation of getting in the titan. They should bring that back.


An option for 1st person titan entry and executions would be nice.


Barker too drunk to let me get on the shit.


So I noticed that the amount of fun I have in a game win or lose is directly related to the amount of hemlock and pilot sentries on the enemies team.


So some weeks ago I posted a guide for Ronin. I am gonna refresh that ‘Ronin craze’ and share Frothy’s video on the subject. I have already covered the importance of sword block and a lot of stuff in his video but he addresses something I didn’t pick up while playing.

Ronin’s individual dashes charge SLOWER when he has 3 of them :scream: So I am gonna see what I can do about that.


An amped Devotion can wreck titans!!! I really wish I would have recorded it…


I love what they hv done to the L-Star finally i can play my fav. Weapon of the Tech Test again ^^ now we need some nerfs of the Devotion, Hemlock and Tone and it will be fine :stuck_out_tongue:


They’ll never nerf tone, reddit would have them burn at the stake.


The more I play, the more I see that it not about Tone’s strength but more about knowing how to effectively counter Tone. Which depending on the situation, changes dramatically.


I don’t want to see a lot of nerfs on tone, even tho I hate her. But something small like shorter lock on duration for the tracker rockets and less damage on the salvo core would be nice.


Have you guys not seen the damage a Tone can do to the evacuation ship on her own or something?

Salvo core takes around half of it’s health and then the tracking rockets do an absurd amount of damage to it too.

I honestly feel like the only people who don’t want Tone to be toned down (im so sorry) are the people that only use Tone


I just think if they added a slight recharge time to her rockets it would be great.

Also they need seperate balances for pc and console. Devotion on console isn’t bad at all but hemlock can be a nightmare and a game ruiner.


I still think every other Titan should be as powerful as Tone and Legion.


I don’t feel the power of Legion. What am I missing? It’s one of my preferred to fight against and playing as I don’t do so well.


Probably not a good Legion then. Legion is really good because of the DPS potential. If the Legion is using the right fire-mode and properly timing the shield, he’ll tear up every Titan.


But then it’d be insta-kills everywhere and that’d piss off even more people


It would speed up Titan combat, not lead to install kills. No Titan can get insta killed.