Titanfall 2 || Post Release Megathread


The fuck is up with blind Titanfall kills these days :eyes: ?

I got another one, a DOUBLE one at that in Complex. I hastily summoned my Ronin after snatching a battery and it dropped in the fucking middle of the middle lane and squashed two people !

I am gonna try the Phase Rodeo trick today, see how that works out.


God the Smart Pistol is a riot to use.


I can’t use it effectively. I usually get shot before it finishes locking on. :confused:


Best used in maps where you can parkour your way up to high altitudes.
Staying up in the air helps keep you out of range of the close range guns long enough to get 3 locks.


Jump, jump and jump some more. In Titanfall, pilots could not tell when they were being locked on. So when we heard said noise (if we survived the first 3 bullets), we turned around to witness a bunny aiming at us with a squirt gun.

Here, you can see when you are being locked on. It is very important for users of the SP to be on TOP of their targets every time. Literally. If you are locking onto someone and both of you are on ground level, you are gonna get killed because of the notification about 75 % of the time.

One more Gen to go for the Dark skin, whoop ! Also, does anyone know if we will get any Ronin premium skins with the new DLC ?


Yeah, the Smart Pistol is hard to use. But goddamn, it is a riot to use when you’re good with it. It’s like a High Noon that never ends.


Haven’t seen anything about that. I got his black skin for body and weapon the other day though and it combined with the owl looks really good.


I really cant wait to see Prime Northstar, Ronin and Legions execution

The Prime execution of Ion and Legion are the Cores so i dont know what Ronin and Legion will get

A Prime Northstar execution whit her Fly Cores will looks sick O.O

Sadly it looks like the new DLC is just Pilot only -.-


I love Ronin’s execution. I can’t wait to see what his prime skin will be.


Northstar tether traps her enemy, then hovers up with their hands. Tearing the titan in half and slamming the top half on the ground.


I think you mean Prime Scorch and not Prime Legion.


Northstar is so dainty, I cant even begin to imagine that.


I imagine it will be something like this.

Also, obligatory Jack gif.


Ooops i hv make that comment to fast xD


Or, uses feathers to pin titan to the ground and then grabs the top half of the titan, followed by some rockets flying out blowing up the middle section.


Yay content drop next month! Colony is coming back!

Doesn’t this remind you guys of the Broken Hill arena map?


Never played the original but I like the look of colony.


Holy crap, Colony ? It was such a closed map, Scorch will eat up everyone in there ! Hope Boneyard is next :slight_smile:


Colony is actually decently open with low roofs and tons of peaking spots.

Ronin and Northstar will run supreme here.


Fun Fact: Ronin’s Sword Block can also block Firestar damage :stuck_out_tongue: