Titanfall 2 || Post Release Megathread


I just like the Thunderbolt because i feel like it gets me a lot of Titan charge, and the MGL because its quick and easy to hit Titan with it to damage and build charge.


That feel when you get a Titan execution - it’s the best.


My darling Tone has such a wonderful takedown animation. Two kicks to the face, rip the pilot out of the cockpit and blow them to pieces with the 40mm.




IMO the reason why Tone is as good as she is is because people don’t actively try to counteract her combat style, which is how you beat her. If you let Tone decide the range and area, she will wreck you. If you catch her off-guard or fight her at close range (Ronin) or long range (Northstar) Tone can’t do much. It’s at medium range where her sweet spot is, and if you stay in it you will die.


-activates salvo core for easy close range kill-

That’s the main problem I have with Tone, that she can kill quickly and even when she is on low health she can easily take down another titan without dying using her core


Of course that means Tone has to get her Core first. I will admit - I have used that exact technique before. And while it works, it’s a one-time thing and if you’re any good as Ronin you’ll catch her off guard and get the execute.

I personally once got executed as I was using my Core. It was very embarrassing.


Critics are calling it Half Life 3?


This game is great. Got it for christmas and just 100% it yesterday. I need a 3rd one now.


I doubt it, but it has admittedly been very well-recieved by most critics.


Why you no get it on PS4? WHY YOU ABANDON ME?


Why haven’t we played together yet?


this game is good!

slams controller onto the floor ANOTHER!


Easily one of the best games of 2016


This is good question. You on right now? Tomorrow some time?


My mother in law is couch crashing tonight but I will be on tomorrow night most likely.


Sounds good. Just message me or tag me here when you’re on.


I have it on PS4 if anyone wants to play. PSN is dell009gaming.


People also get terrified of the Tracker rounds. I’m a Scorch main and I see so many Scorches shield from Trackers then eat the rockets. I’ve learned to tank the trackers, then melt the rockets. Tones damage is reduced to almost nothing.