Titanfall 2 || Post Release Megathread


I think I did that 10 times before I realized that’s what was killing me.

I still find it odd that kills you, but if you phase a pilot into a pilot, he dies instead of you. So why does one kill the enemy while one kills you? Makes no sense.


I think it’s just balance. A lot easier to phase into a Titan than a pilot


I suppose, but the second is so rare of an occurrence that I think it should follow the titan example for ease of understanding. One ability working the exact opposite way as it’s counterpart makes little sense and is confusing.

Edit: My autocorrect keeps capitalizing the I in It’s (like it just did) and it’s pissing me off.


Getting behind an enemy titan, grapple-hooking them from distance, only to have them turn around and melee/shoot you. The further away the better, since you can see your demise approaching as you fly forwards helplessly.


I’m pretty sure you can cancel a grapple.


Did you already use your double jump?


I love when people rodeo me as Ronin. Nothing as satisfying as a free battery. :slight_smile:


I would use it as well. Except there is big fat icon when someone grapples onto you and I have plenty of time to turn around and deck him. The only time this has worked on me is when I was starting out.


Just picked this up. I must say, Northstar is immensely satisfying to play as.


I LOVE the sound the rail gun makes


Not to mention the huge chunks of health that melt off when you hit a critical shot.


Am I the only one who loves the Charge Rifle?


I use extra ammo and charge hack. The Archer is nigh useless and the little double shot grenade thingy is scrubo.


I use it with A-wall.
Charge hack shreds enemy titans.


I like the Thunderbolt and MGL. Not a huge fan of the charge rifle, it just seems slower and less effective to me.


Against Titans, yes. But the thing is, it’s very accurate when hip-fired and in every case I’ve tested it’s a blatant one-hit kill on Pilots.

See what I mean now?


I think MGL is the best anti-titan weapon out there, I have killed so many titans with it.


It will actually out DPS the mgl (which has horrible range and newb locks) with the charge hack and can be used at basically infinite range.


It also is deceptively accurate when hip-fired and a direct hit without the charge hack is an instant kill.


I just use the Archer.