Titanfall 2 || Post Release Megathread


That sentence can be misunderstood so, so easily.


Just the way I like it. :wink:

I really want to know what Ronin’s prime skin will look like and his new execution. His current execution looks the best out of all of them in my opinion.


mah Scorch is fine the way he is, he doesn’t need any changings.


Nope. Against a decent Scorch any Ronin will enviably be reduced to the slag.

Use kit to deny escape then melt with Thermal Shield. Sure, they can dance a little,but they aren’t doing damage any faster than you.


On another note, Scorch is the second tankiest Titan in the game, so he can take a licking and keep on ticking, along with having absurd DPS with his flame arsenal of absolute carnage.


Not to start a flame war, but that’s incorrect.

If a Ronin is being brainless then the Scorch will SLAUGHTER them. However if the Ronin knows his kit then he will bait the thermal shield with sword block while walking just out of range of it’s damage. When the Scorch runs out of charge on the shield or turns it off to attack the Ronin can Arc Wave-Phase Dash behind him for easy damage or pop easy crits with the Leadwall.

1v1 an equal skilled Ronin will beat the Scorch easy. I’ll find some clips for you to watch.

Edit: And this is all coming from a Scorch main, so no Ronin bias


But if the Ronin is backing away with sword block, throw a has canister behind him, drop the thermal shield and ignite the gas. Then he can pick his poison: the gas canister or the thermal shield. If he warps past you, he’ll probably be very close and still in Thermal Shield range, and even if not, you could block the Arc Waves with the Shield you didn’t continue to waste and then if nothing else… Shoot. You’re tankier and do more damage. Even if he blocks, you’re doing a little damage, and he’s doing none.


I don’t think I’m articulating this very well, I’ll find some videos that show the technique I’m trying to explain


There are lots of factors that contribute towards deciding a clear winner in this kind of match up like health, terrain, etc. I never take on a Scorch at full health and if I do, it’s a hit and run. It’s not like a Northstar - Ronin match up up close or a Legion - Ronin match up from afar.

The outcome is not clear because of the jarring differences in mobility, area denial, melee range, health, clip size and choice of kit. But if a Ronin goes head on (i.e. without the element of surprise) against a Scorch that has more than half of its health, it is a dump thing to do in general.


Hey guys if you could make a weapon for Titanfall what would it be?
I would either make some sort of DP-12 like double-barreled shotgun or a sniper rifle that does low damage normally but builds up damage the more you move. (Basically after every shot you have to move around to deal max damage).


Tell me your big moments of “I IMMEDIATELY REGRET THIS DECISION.” Mine was when I for some reason misjudged the distance of a Phase Dash when I was about to pounce on a low-health Tone. I appeared right in front of it, and I promptly got a faceful of Salvo Core.


Every time I’ve used Phase dash as Ronin and was instantly destroyed due to being inside the enemy titans.


I’d make an assault-rifle shotgun hybrid. When the trigger is just pressed it fires a shotgun blast like the Mastiff. If it’s held it fires energy bullets like the Volt.


I’d make a lightning gun like Markov’s. Easy to kill loads of Grunts with


Moving into a Reaper’s landing zone.


I’ve actually never really had a problem with Reapers, actually. Maybe it’s because I mostly play Tone and her Tracker Cannon is perfect for killing them quickly.


I got killed by an enemy ronin last night because my phase dash was on cool down and I literally got stuck in a corridor with three reapers blocking my exit on each side…


No, nothing like that. If a Reaper LANDS on you, it’s like a Titanfall kill, you get insta-killed, Titan or no Titan.


Oh, oh yeah that happened to me in the campaign once, actually.


You can use Sword Block to prevent that :slight_smile: It just takes a bit of your health away :slight_smile: