Titanfall 2 || Post Release Megathread


Angel City FD is surprisingly fun for something that basically consists of nothing but Reapers and Mortars.


I imagine the amount of rooftops requires you to not be in your Titan as much?


Not really. Though the first wave got about 20 squads of Mortar Specters, so there one can have a bit more pilot game play at least.
After that it’s mostly Reaper rushs. So far I’ve only noticed two rather open locations where they can spawn ticks, so that’s nice. All the others ran straight to the Harvester, and literally filled out the yard it’s in.


Don’t forget the massive amounts of mortar titans. I feel like despite being a smaller map Angel City makes you spread out / move around more than some of the big ones like Exoplanet or Forwardbase, where you let the enemies come to you.


So i played Aegis Titan Brawl and must say its very Chaotic and i f… Love it O.O Scorch is just a Beast on this Mode because of his 3 Shots and his Core Multiplikator xD U can burn everything whit him. I really hope that Mode gets Pernament like Titan Brawl it makes more fun as the Original Titan Brawl :stuck_out_tongue: And yeah Ronin and Legion ar very scary too

Btw that SCORCH GRILLHOUSE Pic is the best ever added for my Profil Card :stuck_out_tongue:


You know you have no life when you purchase the Frontier skins just for their badges… I bought the Monarch and Tone Frontier skins along with Tone Prime


I bought the whole pack. I thought they looked cool.


Some of them look horrible! Like Tone has a checkers patter on its knees and it doesn’t really match :confused:


IDC about matching my skins.


What? That’s the best one!


Meh I really like BT- I mean Monarchs better


Bumping for new FNN that confirms updates past the year mark.


Something to shake up the meta.


I’m just hoping Monarch is still viable after the meta is shaken up.


They can try all they want but the Titan Restaurant call signs cannot and will not be topped, they were just so powerfully simple and to the point !


Slowly going through the master difficulty on the campaign. To make things worse I have’t played in awhile.


Respawn still needs to make a Monarch restaurant banner.


I’m just hoping that NS won’t feel like shit to play anymore with the overall QoL improvements they were saying.


I just want the 101/201 to not be instakill anymore…


How is that weapon now? I’m assuming after smgs stopped being sniper death lasers and G2/Flatline got the nerf hammer. It’d naturally fall into the “very flexible use” weapon. I only know that it is not as strong at very far ranges.